This Model Is A Serious Dead Ringer For Kim Kardashian


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Kim Kardashian is probably one of the most photographed celebrities in the world, with an insane amount of social media followers and it doesn’t hurt to look like her either, apparently. 

It seems like every couple of months or so that a new Kim Kardashian lookalike comes along.

But today we get to meet yet another one named Sonia, from Dubai, and she is literally the spitting mage of Kimmy K.

Sonia and her sister, a makeup artist named Fyza, run an Instagram account which has a massive following of over 487,000 people.

Speaking to BuzzFeed, apparently Sonia doesn’t see the resemblance.

She said:

I have never seen it but my family and friends always would say there was a resemblance. Regardless of what look I go for, there will always be that one person who mentions that I look like her.


She must be kidding, surely? Obviously makeup can completely change how she looks, but this bare-faced selfie in particular shows that Sonia naturally looks like Kim.

Sonia explains that most of her following comes from her neck of the woods, where beauty and makeup is appreciated quite a fair bit. They share beauty tips on their blog too.

She added: “My sister and I always say how we like the way they made it acceptable to be dark-haired, tanned and curvy to society.”

Makeup by me on Sonia – Fyza #soniaxfyza #Dubai #mydubai #uae

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I can imagine we will be seeing a lot more of Sonia over the next few months.