Toddler With Down’s Syndrome Wins Huge National Modelling Contract


This adorable tot with Down’s syndrome has just bagged herself a huge modelling contract at just two-years-old. 

Gorgeous Lily Beddall has earned herself a national modelling contract with clothing giant Matalan and is now the face of the chain across their 217 stores, the Mirror reports.

Little Lily from Sawbridge, Hertfordshire, is one of the youngest children in the UK to be ‘changing the face of beauty’ for fashion brands and we couldn’t be happier for her.


The toddler’s mum, 37-year-old Vicki Beddall, is understandably super proud of her daughter and has claimed it is ‘the best thing to have happened’ to their family.

She said:

The contract is all about inclusion and changing the face of beauty. It is wonderful that Matalan chose a child with Down’s syndrome .

We are so proud of her and we are so proud of everything she has achieved. It is the best thing to have happened to us.


Lily’s proud parents almost burst with pride for their child, as they took Lily to see herself up on an advertising campaign at their local store.

The little two-year-old recognised herself and posed high up on her beaming 44-year-old dad Eddie’s shoulders, next to her blown-up photograph.

Lily’s mum continued:

Down’s syndrome is not what you expect. It is hard work sometimes, but she was going to be hard work anyway as she is two years old.

She has lots of friends and she is not unable to do anything that other children do.

It’s all about breaking down stereotypes and showing that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and abilities.


What an incredible accomplishment for such a young child in the notoriously ‘fickle’ fashion world.

Her parents should be extremely proud of their daughter and Matalan should be praised for their pioneering work in inclusivity, in what is often a ‘difficult’ industry.

Lily has already done great things for diversity and let’s hope Matalan can pave the way for others to join in on their beacon of hope for others in the future.

Well done little Lily, a landmark achievement at only two-years-old.

Consider the face of young fashion and beauty, well and truly changed.