Transgender Woman Spends £50,000 On Surgery To Look Like Kylie Jenner

Caters Clips/YouTube

It’s always kind of cool when you find a celebrity whose sense of style and way of life you identify with.

Having such role models can inspire you to work towards your personal goals, and may well give you ideas when cultivating your own personal fashion sense.

For 23-year-old Kyleigh Potts, this idol is notable lip kit entrepreneur and expert pregnancy hider, Kylie Jenner.

However, the transgender woman from Denver, Colorado, reveres her namesake way beyond the odd casual stalking sesh on Instagram.

You can watch her dramatic transformation for yourself below:

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Kyleigh has spent more than £50,000 to turn herself into a head-to-toe Kylie Jenner lookalike; hoping to emulate her muse in every way.

Determined Kyleigh began having lip filler treatments three years ago, to give her that iconic Jenner pout.

During this time, she endured more than forty procedures, keeping herself topped up on a three-month basis.

Kylie Jenner/YouTube

Kyleigh appears to relate to Kylie on a deeply personal basis, perceiving both herself and Kylie as being ‘outcasts’ and ‘ugly ducklings’ who could never quite fit in with the life they found themselves born into.

Kylie herself has previously spoken about feeling like an ‘outcast’ during an episode of her E! reality series, Life of Kylie:

I have a soft spot for the outcast because I was the outcast I guess in a lot of ways growing up,

And I still feel like an outcast in different ways now because I can’t relate to a lot of people so it’s like this little world. I do feel like an outcast.

It is perhaps surprising to learn how such a high profile young woman could feel such insecurities. However, when you consider her unusual upbringing – with her home life having been broadcast from a very young age – this makes plenty of sense.

Kyleigh empathised with Kylie Jenner‘s vulnerabilities and style evolution, which has inspired her to take charge of her own stylish and feminine image.

In 2017, Kyleigh took to Instagram to speak openly with her followers about her transition:

I appreciate y’alls support, but I didn’t just begin transitioning.

I’ve been feminizing my face since 2014, and I started hormones June of 2016 and was on them for around 4 months.

When my partner at the time found out, I quit for almost a year.

I felt that I wasn’t being honest with him and thought I could change his mind, but only ended up wasting both of our time.

I began again this past June with the hormones as soon as we split up. And have been titrating up ever since.

Be true to yourself, and don’t sell yourself short. Even if that means being alone.

#Transition ❤️

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It seems one time outcast Kylie has recently found true contentment in her new role as a mother; looking exceedingly proud and happy in her birth announcement video.

Kyleigh was also super excited by her heroine’s big news, uploading an Instagram video of herself weeping for joy; declaring she is ‘so proud of her’ as she offers an emotional congratulations to the Kardashian Jenner brood.

Hopefully, Kyleigh has also found a sense of belonging as a glamorous celeb lookalike.