Upside Down Bikini Tops Are The Latest Fashion Trend For 2018

by : Julia Banim on : 24 Jun 2018 20:09
Upside down bikiniupsidedownbikini_official/Instagram

Another day, another weird contraption you are expected to stuff your boobs into and hope for the best.

If you’re living the DD plus life then you might want to look away to avoid getting serious back-ache anxiety. I’ve personally seen more support in a sweet wrapper.


But if you are intent on proudly unveiling new and intriguing parts of your cleavage and underboob to the whole of Tenerife, then behold the upside down bikini.

? Flower power ? @valentinafradegrada #valentinafradegrada #upsidedownbikini

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As celebrated on the official Upside Down Bikini Instagram page, this precarious looking boulder holder is a daring optical illusion, scoffing in the face of the triangular number you thought looked so alluring online.


For a moment I wondered if the model’s actual breasts were on upside-down, before pondering what difference such a mishap would even make.

Pinky mind ??? @valentinafradegrada #valentinafradegrada #upsidedownbikini

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Fresh ?? @valentinafradegrada #valentinafradegrada #upsidedownbikini

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Any-hoo. This bikini can be created in your very own home should you so wish. All you need to do is grab your regulation halterneck or string design which you are able to tie up yourself.


Then, you tie your halter straps in a knot on top of your bosoms, separating the triangle bits so you get enough nipple coverage.

Intriguingly, the bikini-top doesn’t actually need to be flipped upside down. This is simply an illusion created due to the sizeable portion on underboob popping out.

Now, it looks kind of cool sure, however , the boobs are basically responsible for holding the bizarre creation together, with no support whatsoever offered by the straps.


Italian model Valentina Fradegrada is supposedly the genius behind this unusual bikini/device, which is now being championed by Australian swimwear brand Cantik.

Cantik dared women to try out the new trend, and many are eager to do so. However, there are others who are simply baffled.

One person puzzled:

Why do y’all wear bikini tops upside down again?


Another chuckled:

Y’all ladies wearing your bikini tops upside down is not cute

idk where this trend came from but throw it away.

If you feel brave enough to go for the upside down bikini this summer, then by all means give your straps a holiday and let your boobs work their magic.

However, probably not the best bikini to have a swim in, unless your nipples are feeling particularly sociable…

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