Upside-Down Jeans Are The Worst Fashion Trend Of 2018

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 13 Jul 2018 19:48
upside down shortsupside down shortsCIE Denim

From nails which double up as combs, to bums covered in nothing but glitter, 2018 has curled out some very weird fashion trends so far.


This latest one however, might be the weirdest yet.

It’s the first time I’ve let out an audible ‘eurgh’ just from seeing a pair of shorts. I don’t know if that says more about me or the shorts, but for a pair of cut-offs to elicit such a response from someone who would normally just shrug at these ephemeral fashion trends, it’s got to be saying something…

But these shorts are just… weird, right? They’re upside-down, there are no belt loops around the waist, instead they are going round the wearer’s leg (can you get mini belts for them?) and is there a fly? If so which way does the zip go?


Also the back pockets look upside-down but actually open the right way for the person wearing them, which is from the top, but it looks like the bottom because they’re upside-down – unlike the front pockets which are just upside-down and therefore serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever.

It’s all very confusing.

upside down jeansupside down jeansCIE Denim

The denim shorts are made by CIE Denim, who describe the product, called El, as so:

El is our signature inverted jean short with double back panels. Every El short is made in NYC out of hand selected vintage denim – each pair is one of a kind.

Every pair of CIE Denim is one of a kind: color and distressing will vary. The shorts on the model are to show fit and do not represent the actual item.

So if you actually like these shorts, and I’m not judging, don’t assume the ones you’ll get are the same as displayed in the photos.

Check them out:

Upside down jeansUpside down jeansCIE Denim

However, if you’re feeling the vibe of these shorts but are worried summer has been and gone already, fear not intrepid fashionista!

CIE are also selling upside-down jeans which, even more confusingly, have the belt loops and back pockets down at the ankles!

So, what will a pair of these beauties cost you? Well, for the summer look, the shorts are a steal at $385, while if you’re going all out for the full length item, the ‘inverted trousers’ will set you back a cool $495.

Upside down jeansUpside down jeansCIE Denim

I would say just try and make a pair yourself, but the logistics of doing this to a perfectly decent pair of jeans is almost as confusing as ankle pockets. The mind boggles.

Then again, maybe the inverted denims will go well with another of this year’s just-plain-odd fashion trends – the upside-down bikini.

I mean I know designers are always trying to subvert the norm and make us see things from a different angle, but isn’t turning things upside-down just a little on the nose?

The good news is the upside-down bikini won’t set you back almost $500 dollars, and can actually be created in your very own home should you so wish, you can check out how here.

Now, where’s that sewing machine, I know what I’m doing this weekend.

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