Victoria’s Secret Called Out For This Alleged Photoshop Fail

by : UNILAD on : 09 Aug 2016 14:32

In news that’s unfortunate but probably shouldn’t surprise anyone, a lingerie brand has been accused of getting a bit over-keen with Photoshop.


This time, it’s Victoria’s Secret, and they’ve been called out for some allegedly overdone airbrushing. Again.

While it’s no secret that basically every fashion photo you see is heavily retouched, Victoria’s Secret has a habit of photoshopping their images – and they’ve been harshly criticised for it. If savvy social media followers are right, the brand has done it again.


People on Facebook and Instagram are kicking off about a photo shared on the lingerie brands’s social media pages, featuring models Martha Hunt and Stella Maxwell.

The issue? People are accusing Martha Hunt’s arm as not looking like, well, an actual arm.

Commenters are pointing out that her right arm looks unnaturally smoothed out, and unnaturally thin.

Here’s what Hunt’s arms look like on a normal day:

Victoria's Secret Hosts Live Global Media Event to Reveal Bralette Collection & Launch Multi-City TourVictoria's Secret Hosts Live Global Media Event to Reveal Bralette Collection & Launch Multi-City TourGetty

It could have just been off lighting or weird angles, but social media users are blaming overzealous retouching. One commenter said: “Did anyone actually look at this photo before it was published?”

Victoria’s Secret hasn’t commented on the backlash yet, but unfortunately this isn’t the first time the lingerie brand has been called out on Photoshop fails.

Maybe brands should learn from this and stop excessively retouching their models (if that is the case here). Just an idea.

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