Woman Believes She Found Coded ‘Cry For Help’ In Primark Underwear


A woman who discovered a ‘cryptic message’ inside a pair of Primark boxers believes that it’s a ‘cry for help’ from a Bagladeshi worker. 

Abbie Bowman discovered the note which is made up of various letters and number, written in gold marker pen and after a quick Google discovered that the numbers were an address in Bangladesh.

A Primark spokesperson however has denied the claims explaining that the coded message is nothing more than a standard fabric marking reference.


The spokesperson explained: 

The piece of fabric with these markings on was used in error by the supplier. These markings are standard fabric marking references used routinely by garment manufacturers.

Primark can confirm that the company identified by the customer has no link whatsoever to this product or to Primark.

Abbie however is still concerned about potentially supporting a company whose workers are writing messages inside clothes explaining that she wants to find out if it was a cry for help.


She went on to add that if Primark were using sweatshops then she wouldn’t shop there as she found it upsetting.

In the past disturbing messages have been found secreted away in Primark clothing.