Woman Dubbed ‘Britain’s Hottest Firefighter’ To Compete For Miss England


This is Amy Brown. Firefighter by day, beauty queen by night – and this year, she’s hoping to become Miss England.

Thus far Amy has obliterated over 20,000 gals in local beauty pageants across the UK and has stormed home victorious with the Miss Cheltenham title just a few weeks ago.

Now Amy is hoping to be crowned Miss England where she is the only firefighter ever to get into the grand finale.


Amy revealed:

Hundreds of girls entered Cheltenham so I was surprised to come first – it was absolutely overwhelming.

I have always loved dressing up and being on stage and I love being a woman but I used to play rugby and things like that.

When I would go on a night out people would say, ‘Why are you wearing heels? You’re a tomboy.’ It always got to me, but finally I’ve found a place where I can be me.

Pageants are really not about beauty on the outside. It’s about being a well-rounded woman who is empowered.

Amy joined the fire-fighting force only recently after graduating from university with a criminology degree – and although she wants to progress into the higher ranks, her main aims are all about the pageants.


If Amy is successful in Miss England she’ll be given a free all expenses paid trip to the Miss World final later this year.

But will she be bringing the title back to Gloucestershire? I guess only time will tell.