Woman Gets Four Pints Of Fat Injected In Her Bum To Look Like Kim Kardashian

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Brazilian model, Jennifer Pamplona, has spent thousands to get four pints of fat injected into her bum to look like Kim Kardashian.

The force of the Kardashian effect can be felt with this woman’s story, after she spent much of her financial assets on numerous surgeries to emulate her idol, the eldest member of the Kardashian Klan.

Check out her surgical body transformation in the video below:

It’s fair to say Jennifer Pamplona, known as ‘Susi Doll’ in her native Brazil, is a Kim Kardashian fan.

The 24-year-old from Sao Paolo has spent more than $470,000 on surgery, including injections of four pints of fat into her bum, in an aspirational move to look like Ms. Kardashian West.

But it’s risky. In fact, eight doctors declined to do the surgery, fearing for the young woman’s health.

Speaking to Caters News Agency, Pamplona said:

My doctors have asked me if I am scared to die from the surgeries…

But, in my opinion, if it happens I will die happy and beautiful.

Pamplona — who says she was a slender girl growing up — has had two boob jobs, liposuction, a nose job and four ribs removed in the past seven years.

Pamplona used to date Celso Santebanes, the human Ken doll who passed away following a battle with leukaemia in 2015.

The extensive surgeries have left her looking like a completely different person, thus fulfilling her dreams of becoming Santebanes’ ‘Barbie’.

Sad though it may seem to hear a young woman so unhappy in her appearance, Pamplona seems happy.

She said:

Before, whenever I looked in the mirror all I could think was that I needed a bigger butt. Now I’m so much happier. Having surgery has changed my life and helped me to overcome depression.

Wearing My lipstick from @jenniferpamplonacosmetics Color Nude Santebanes!

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Pamplona has founded a business straight out of the Kardashian’s nepotistic playbook since her surgeries, starting her own beauty cosmetics line of makeup.

She’s even ripped off Kim’s famous promotional photoshoots, covering herself in body glitter to sell lipstick and falsies.

Pamplona is adamant it’s the right career path for her, adding:

People say I’m stupid, but I have achieved a lot.

I came from a poor Brazilian village . . . [now I’m] famous and [have] created a company.

Oh Hi Jennifer!

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Pamplona’s appearance has given her a ticket to The Good Life of luxury Kim and her husband Kanye West enjoy.

She makes money promoting suspect detox teas and perpetrating the very beauty ideals which left her feeling so unhappy as a young woman…

Just like Kim.

Disclaimer: Kim has always denied having surgery, instead sticking to non-invasive procedures like botox to keep her face on brand.

However, Jennifer is just one of many, many young people who aspire to look like Kim, a woman whose job it is to look a certain way.

Indeed, many surgeons are worried about the numbers of young men and women bringing pictures of the Kardashians into surgical consultations.

Some even bring Snapchat filtered images of Kim in, saying they want those unattainably un-anatomical features.

One doctor told UNILAD he’s dubbed the worrying trend Snapchat Dysmorphia.

Pamplona correctly asserted her appearance doesn’t change her personality and states she’s still a good person.

She concluded, telling Caters:

I’m a good person, I support my family, support charities, I don’t drink or do drugs, I do my best for the world and try to be a better person every day.

After all, kids, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

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