Kylie Jenner’s Lips Are ‘Too Small’ Says Woman With Big Lips Obsession

Big Lips Kylie Jenner Tamara TulumJam Press

A woman from Sweden who prides herself on her ample pout has declared Kylie Jenner’s lips to be ‘too small’.

Jenner’s mouth may have launched a thousand lip kits, but it has yet to impress 22-year-old Tamara Tulum, who has spent a gobsmacking €2,054 on achieving her dream pucker.

Tamara has undergone ten cosmetic procedures to pump her lips up to her current size, and has now declared, ‘I feel like Bratz!’ Indeed, the resemblance is uncanny.

Big Lips Kylie Jenner Tamara TulumJam Press

Tamara has claimed the procedures aren’t painful, with her enhancements leading to her being showered with compliments from her many online admirers.

Tamara, who is currently single, said:

I liked them, and I got compliments about them too.

Her Instagram page is full of gushing comments from those who appreciate her pouty look. One person praised, ‘Can’t get enough of those lips’ while another said, ‘This is lip perfection’.

Big Lips Kylie Jenner Tamara TulumJam Press

Tamara has admitted her sizeable lips ‘don’t make kissing that much better, really, but it does feel nice’.

In regards to how her kisser affects her sex life, Tamara has coyly remarked:

I have nothing to improve, nor have I ever had any problems with my natural lips.

Big Lips Kylie Jenner Tamara TulumJam Press

Tamara, who tags most of her selfies with #biglips, reckons there’s a possibility she could be addicted to lip fillers.

She even intends to go bigger with her pillowy pout, living by the firm belief that there’s no such thing as going ‘too big’.

Kylie Jenner is often credited with popularising the big lip trend, but Tamara is adamant the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has had no influence on her own cosmetic decisions:

I am inspired by myself. Not by Kylie, no – her lips are too small.

Big Lips Kylie Jenner Tamara TulumJam Press

As reported by Elle, Google searches for lip fillers peaked globally following a 2015 episode which showed Khloé Kardashian asking younger sister, Kylie Jenner about her lip enhancements.

One clinic in London even reported a 70 per cent rise in lip filler enquiries in the 24 hours following the reality show episode.

Popularity of lip fillers continued to rise steadily in the years that followed. In 2018, cosmetic expert Dr Frances Prenna Jones told Elle:

Women of all ages enter my clinic for cosmetic lip treatments; half want a “natural” aesthetic, while the other half still ask for a “Kylie Jenner” look.

Big Lips Kylie Jenner Tamara TulumJam Press

When asked whether or not she would one day like to possess the fullest – potentially Guinness Book of Records winner worthy – lips on earth, Tamara has cryptically remarked, ‘We will see.’

It seems like she has no plans to stop any time soon…

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