You Can Buy Battery-Operated Heated Underwear To Keep Warm This Winter

You Can Buy Battery-Operated Heated Underwear To Keep Warm This WinterQQA/Amazon

Winter’s here folks, which means the time has officially come to throw any summer clothes into the back of your wardrobe to be forgotten about for another (long and dreary) six months.

That means you can wave goodbye to any bikinis, crop tops, and short shorts that are still lurking around and say hello to your multitude of jumpers, leggings, and Bridget Jones-style granny pants that have no doubt been waiting to make a reappearance since last Christmas.

If you’re lacking in the granny pants department though, have no fear because Amazon is selling the ultimate pair: battery-powered heated underwear that will keep you nice and toasty this winter.

bridget jones granny pantsUniversal Pictures

Incredible, I know. The QQA Charging Smart Heated Panties have a 12-hour lifespan on the ‘winter warming’ setting, but can easily be recharged at the press of a button.

Costing $53 (or £41), the knickers aren’t exactly cheap, but who can put a price on keeping yourself nice and toasty in the freezing winter months?

According to QQA, the high-waisted underwear does more than simply keep you warm though, with the company claiming they help soothe any discomfort associated with your time of the month.

Stating the pants ‘regulate menstruation’, ‘nourish the uterus’, and ‘scientifically regulate the uterus environment’, QQA also claims its product ‘effectively protects health and fertility’ and is especially suitable for uterine damage, gynaecological inflammation, and infertility.

heated knickersQQA/Amazon

It’s not clear whether these claims are founded in any way or if they have been scientifically backed up.

The knickers have a total of five settings, although most are too hot to be used for the full 12-hour run-time and come with specific instructions regarding how long they can be used for.

Take gear three, for example, which heats the underwear up to 45°C and claims to help ‘menstrual condition’ – this can only be turned on for a maximum of six and a half hours. Gear four, which goes up to 50°C, relieves period pain but can only be used for six hours.

Gear five is for ‘daily health’ and the temperature can range from anywhere between 40 and 50°C. This can only be used for a maximum of four hours.

heatable knickersQQA/Amazon

The pants are suitable for daily use and can be washed after each use (phew), but this must be done by hand and the battery needs to be removed before washing.

If they sound like the knickers for you and they fulfil all your every Bridget Jones need – because why the hell not? – you can buy a pair here.

You’re welcome.

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