You Can Now Buy Custom Pyjamas With Your Dog’s Face All Over Them


You can now get custom pyjamas with your pet’s face all over them.

Yep, if you’re that devoted to your dog or cat then you can now go to bed with them in more ways than one.

Patricia’s Couture will be taking $149.99 (£107) out of your pocket to print your pet onto some plain jim-jams, which is scorching daylight robbery, put hey if you’ve got the filthy lucre for it why not?

Surely this is worth it…

Patricia's Couture

It’s proving a hit with punters which is a good start.

One customer beamed:

I absolutely adore the pyjamas I ordered! The quality is superb and so soft! After loosing my Iggy Pop a couple of months ago, I now get to sleep with her every night! Absolutely thrilled! Im so thrilled, I have several friends ordering after I put my pj’s on social media. Thank you!

Another said:

I gave these PJs as a Christmas gift and they were an absolute hit—even outdoing more expensive and grandiose gifts. These PJs are quality made and the artist who rendered the photo is quite amazing. I will be buying more and the caftan! I would highly recommend these PJs to everyone.

Patricia's Couture

A third said:

I cannot express how excited I was to receive the PJs I ordered for my niece’s 21st birthday. She will get them on January 29th and is going to be thrilled! Not only are they adorable and soft, they are part of Patricia’s company!!! She is a huge fan of Patricia and I am truly going to be considered the Aunt of the Year for this present! Picture pending!!!


As per the full info:

Designed for both men and women
Relaxed, comfortable fit.
Matching pants styled with an elastic-drawstring waist
Matching shirt with notched lapels; button front.
Poly-cotton blend; machine wash cold, tumble dry
Custom Printed Pajama Delivery Time: 4-6 weeks

Interested? Reckon your pet deserves to be emblazoned on your own clothes? You can find out more about it on their website right here.