You Can Now Buy Microwavable Slippers To Keep Your Feet Extra Toasty

microwaveable slippers promoPrezzybox

If you can’t afford to turn the heating up in your shared apartment this winter, why not try the microwaveable slipper for a mere £20… It’s surely cheaper than British Gas. 

If your tootsies are prone to the cold and wiggling them doesn’t quite cut the mustard in staving off mild frostbite, this latest trend in footgear might be for you.

They smell like lavender – although freshness is presumably not guaranteed long-term after a few sweaty uses – and they’re made from a ‘snuggly’ velour-looking material to encase your tired trotters in a sensory overload to add to your collection of soft tat.

The microwaveable slippers will set you back £19.99 (plus post and packaging, of course).

The online seller, Prezzybox, is also careful to point out they’re vegan friendly, which is a relief for anyone who doesn’t like bits of fluffy dead animals wrapped around their toes.

The product description on Prezzybox reads:

There’s nothing more satisfying after a hard day’s work than when the bra comes off and the comfies come on! Treat your friend, girlfriend, mum or sister to the pinnacle of snuggle wear.

Simply warm these luxury boots in a microwave for the ultimate in relaxation.

It continues:

Not only will they make their tootsies super toasty, but the boots will release a serene, soothing lavender scent, to get them in the mood for an evening of snuggle and chill!

Give their feet (or yours – all feet deserve a treat!) an escape from the winter frost with these super soft boots! They’ll certainly thank you for it…

Here’s a little YouTube ad to tickle your fancy toes:

As faux friendly as the description might be, it seems largely accurate according to the reviews published to the website by largely happy customers. Out of 52 reviews, the boots have been given an average 4/5 stars.

One man wrote:

As the husband of a wife who is always cold, I’m pleased to say that, from the moment she put them on, she hasn’t once mentioned a chill or draught. They make her happy. Thank you.

Another posted:

Bought these for my wife – who always has cold feet! She loved them, and more importantly for me – no more cold feet!

So if you’re stuck for something to buy this Valentine’s Day, the slippers are made in sizes 3 – 7 – except their out of stock right now so you’ll probably just have to nip to the corner shop to buy an overpriced pink card and bouquet to celebrate the most commercial of romantic holidays.

Maybe next year, hey?

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