You Can Now Get Pants With Your Best Friend’s Face On

pants with friends face onFirebox

It used to be that showing your appreciation for a friend would involve something like buying them a drink, going for a night out or just chilling together.

These days, friendship can be expressed through a plethora of different platforms. From giving them a shout out on social media to pulling a prank on them and uploading it to YouTube.

On the other hand, perhaps you haven’t quite found a way to express your appreciation of your bestie.

pants with friends face onFirebox

Well fear not, because the folk at Firebox have done the work for you and discovered the perfect way to do this – by putting their face on your pants.

Called M-Y Fronts, you can now ‘sit proudly upon the faces of your friends and loved ones’ in style with personalised pants.

So, if PDAs aren’t your thing, you can walk around safe in the knowledge that, depending on who you show your pants to, your appreciation of your friend/lover/friend with benefits is right there in your crotch.

Alternatively, you might want to give them out as a present to friends and loved ones with your own face on, a fashionable reminder of your handsome visage.

pants with friends face onFirebox

Firebox describe the pants as:

A friendly face gently cupping your nether regions, smiling back at you whenever you’re feeling down.

They also make the perfect gift for a loved one when you’re not around; whether you want to see them as a warm and comforting presence or a passive-aggressive alternative to a chastity belt – your gorgeous face warding off persistent sexual intruders.

I know it’s only May, but it’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas presents.

There’s a trend going round at the moment, too, as pants aren’t the only way you can relish your relationships.

You can now get temporary tattoos custom made for you and your other half thanks to Etsy seller lilimandrill and graphic designer Lise Grossmann.

If committing to buying a pair of pants isn’t your thing, these tattoos are a dream for the indecisive among us, as they last for a total of three glorious days. You can buy a pack of ten, or even 500 if you plan on declaring your bestie love over and over for the next few years.

I know we’re already spoiling you for choice, but if pants and tats still aren’t doing it for you, how do bed sheets sounds?

In a totally normal and not creepy manner, you can now have your best mate’s face printed on your bed sheets, because why not?

pants with friends face onShelfies

The special service is offered by the good folks at Shelfies who will customise your duvet and pillowcases with a picture of your choice. So choose who you’ll be snuggling up with wisely.

And I know what you’re thinking, I hope do they do animals too, as I may have just ordered a king-size set with Mr Fluffy’s gorgeous face on.

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