Ziploc Bumbag Is A Thing So You Can Now Wear Lunch To Work


If you’ve been thinking recently, ‘I love my bumbag, but it’s just not practical when it comes to carrying my lunch’, then you’re in for some good news – the ziploc bumbag is now a thing. 

The bumbag has recently gone from a ‘mum on holiday’ necessity to a popular fashion accessory; it’s simply the best way to keep your hands free while still having a place to put all your stuff.

You might have thought the little pouch couldn’t get any more convenient, but Ziploc and Japanese brand BEAMS are here to prove us wrong.

A collaboration between the two companies has resulted in an invention which is pretty ridiculous, but also, admittedly, very useful – a plastic bumbag with a zip-able compartment, which could potentially be the best new way to carry food.

Whether you actually choose to stuff some fruit and a sandwich into the compartment is up to you – but let me remind you, the bag is see through, so don’t carry anything too weird in there.

The bumbag comes as part of a whole collection of Ziploc accessories, with the products ranging from umbrellas and aprons, to hats.

Most of the items feature Ziploc’s classic blue and red seal, although not all of them are actually functional. Unfortunately, this means you probably won’t be able to fill your new cap with snacks.

The BEAMS website explains their interesting new collection (translated):

With the idea unique to BEAMS and skillful handwork, Ziploc are reborn into items that can be worn!

The items range in price, with the Ziploc backpack costing around £99, and the bumbag coming in at around £67.

You could definitely just make your own version of the waist bag by safety pinning a Ziploc bag to your belt, but the fact this product exists at all is what we’re here for. Ziploc accessories. What a time to be alive!

The sealable bumbag seems like the perfect festival item to be fair – you can keep your things close to you, and keep your food fresh for the duration of the weekend. It’s everything we never knew we needed, until now.

The cheapest of the nine products is the ‘pouch’, which, for lack of a better description, is just a small Ziploc bag decorated with spots.

Priced at roughly £9.30, the pouch is another product which could definitely be homemade for a much smaller cost, but hey, it’s the thought that counts – and the easiness of it all.

BEAMS released a video to show off their new products, which serves as an excellent way to see all the uses of the Ziploc items, even if you don’t understand the language.

Want to drink water out of your tote bag? Or carry cucumbers around your waist? Well now you can.

Check out the video:

A lot of people feel these items are pretty bizarre and thus, as a result, they’ve been questioning whether they’re actually real or not! But they definitely are, and for the most part, potential customers seem on board with the idea.

One person commented:

This is low key kind of awesome.

Incredible. I wonder what weird and wonderful thing the world will come up with next?

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