11 Epic Office Moments To Celebrate 11 Years Of Jim And Pam

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On this day Jim Halpert stood at the alter and watched Michael Scott lead his colleagues down the aisle recreating a viral wedding video. Today, October 8, is Jim and Pam’s 11th anniversary. 

I’d love to say the 11th year was marked by paper, but unfortunately that’s not the case. It is, however, represented by steel; a symbol of strength, and fitting because more than 15 years after The Office (US) first began to air, its comedy, characters and storylines are still as strong as ever.


The beloved sitcom came to an end in 2013 but gained a new lease of life in recent years thanks to its appearance on streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. As a result, a whole new generation of fans got to fall in love with Jim and Pam, cringe at Michael and laugh at Dwight’s quest for power.

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The series is chock-full of scenes that make the jaw drop, for both good and bad reasons, so as an anniversary gift to the beloved characters we’ve collated 11 of the most outstanding moments the show has to offer.

1. The Forever dance


Despite having watched the series multiple times, the moment when the Chris Brown song begins to play at Jim and Pam’s wedding and the bridesmaids start dancing their way down the aisle never fails to reduce me, and I’m sure countless other viewers, to tears.

As well as providing the music for the dance, the song plays as Jim and Pam sneak off to the boat to get married beneath Niagara Falls and as they tie the knot in the church, officially uniting the couple that viewers spent years rooting for.

The significance of the event places it high in the best-ever Office moments, and it’s only right to remember it on the anniversary of its airing.

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2. Scott’s Tots

‘Epic’ might not be the best word to describe Scott’s Tots, but ‘jaw-dropping’ hits the nail on the head. The moment we find out Michael has promised to fund college for a graduating high school class is enough to make our hearts sink, but the enormity of the situation only gets worse throughout the episode.

From the initial revelation of Michael’s commitment to the look of glee on the students’ faces when he arrives at the school – not to mention the incredible song and dance they put on for him – each scene invokes more cringing than the last, resulting in an overwhelming display of disaster.


The notion of Scott’s Tots is without a doubt one of the most horrendous things to happen on The Office, but it’s probably the best and most extreme example of the kind of person Michael Scott is, so it had to make the list!

3. ‘Buttlicker! Our prices have never been lower!’

The humour invoked by Dwight shouting ‘buttlicker’ is admittedly childish one, but it never gets old. The scene encompasses both Jim’s love of messing with Dwight and Dwight’s sheer determination to do well in his job, and the resulting outburst demonstrates the very best of both their abilities.


Dwight’s desperate attempt to sell paper to William M. Buttlicker has been shared by meme and GIF users worldwide, and is no doubt one of the most quoted lines from the beloved character.

Obviously his efforts don’t pay off this time as he gets scorned by Michael for yelling at the client whose family ‘built this country’, but he still deserves recognition for his unwavering dedication.

4. Michael kissing Oscar

The unexpected kiss between accountant Oscar and his boss is one that has to be watched through the fingers, made even worse by its slow, painful build up and the grunts of confusion coming from Oscar. No matter how many times you might shout ‘Michael, just stop’ at the TV, the moment the pair actually lock lips inevitably arrives and makes us want to bury our head in our hands.

Michael kisses Oscar with good intention, hoping to prove that there’s nothing wrong with men being intimate after he finds out Oscar is gay, though it’s clear it’s not something the boss is comfortable with doing himself.

The surprise shown by both Oscar and the onlooking employees is genuine, as actor Oscar Nunez revealed the kiss was actually improvised by Steve Carell. The fact this unforgettable moment was thought up by Carell on a whim proves that he knew his character better than anyone else, and his incredible – if disastrous – contribution can’t go unnoticed.

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5. Jim and Pam finding out they’re pregnant

The acting skills in this scene can only be described as exceptional, as we never actually hear Jim and Pam being told that they have a bun in the oven. Due to the documentary-style editing, we watch through the window as Pam silently smiles and nods at her fiancé, who wraps her up in a hug.

Though there’s no dialogue, the reactions of the two characters makes it easy to infer what’s going on and Jim’s look of shock and adoration as he comes out of the room to call Dwight invokes nothing but delight for the two characters.

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6. Andy and Dwight’s duet

Andy and Dwight were destined to butt heads from the moment the Stamford branch merged with Scranton, but seeing them come together over a rendition of Country Roads offers a nice bit of reprieve from their constant battle for attention.

Andy’s impressive banjo skills combined with Dwight’s determination to add ‘heart and soul’ into the song allows them to put aside their differences, forget they’re competing for Erin’s attention and get lost in what ends up being a musical masterpiece. Even though Erin loses interest, seeing the pair have fun together is a truly sweet moment.

7. ‘Boy have you lost your mind cause I’ll help you find it!’


John Krasinski And Steve Carell Reunite To Celebrate The Office 15-Year Anniversary

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We don’t hear from Stanley often, but when we do he delivers gold, as evident in the episode Take Your Daughter To Work Day. Though it was Stanley’s daughter flirting with Ryan, rather than the other way around, Ryan’s reckless antics throughout The Office suggest he actually might need Stanley’s help in finding his mind.

Stanley went after Ryan after a jealous Kelly pointed out he looked to be getting up close and personal with his daughter, and the outburst is both impressive and terrifying.

8. Goodbye Michael

It’s yet another musical moment, but everyone knows that music adds gravitas to everything, and this scene is no different. In the episode Goodbye Michael, the employees of Dunder Mifflin return from Michael’s last Dundies to the office conference room, where they announce that they want to say thank you to their boss for his years of (not so) hard work.

Jenna Fischer, who plays Pam in the series, told Entertainment Weekly that star Carell didn’t hear the song until his cast mates sang it to him on camera, so ‘his emotions there were real’ as his friends recounted his time spent at Dunder Mifflin in meetings, cups of coffee and email forwards he made them read.

Michael’s surprise at the tune radiates through the screen, with tears of joy and sadness shining in his eyes and perfectly encapsulating the way the audience feels when we watch it.

Steve Carell reacts to Goodbye MichaelNBC

9. Darryl’s farewell dance

We get to see a lot more of Darryl Philbin when he takes up residence upstairs in the office, rather than in the warehouse, and like the rest of his colleagues we quickly come to see what a talented and entertaining man he really is.

Dismayed at the idea of him leaving for Philadelphia without a goodbye, the Dunder Mifflin employees insist on having one last dance with Darryl, resulting in a fitting and heartwarming send-off that’s packed to the brim with impressive dance moves – especially from Oscar.

10. Dwight getting along with his co-workers

After years of belittling and degrading, Dwight finally comes to accept that he does in fact get along with his co-workers – though technically they’re now his ‘subordinates’.

Dwight’s development in the last few seasons of The Office takes him from a character to be mocked to one to be loved, and his final assessment of his fellow Dunder Mifflin-ites perfectly explains why.

Though he’s still desperate to have his high status recognised, he acknowledges that his coworkers are in fact his family and closest friends in a heartwarming scene that would bring a tear to the eye of even the cat-freezing, resuscitation dummy face-wearing Dwights of the world.

Dwight wearing a dummy face in The OfficeNBC

11. Michael’s return

Never have I been more overjoyed than when I heard the words ‘that’s what she said’ in the familiar voice of Michael Scott. The former regional manager’s appearance at Dwight and Angela’s wedding is definitely one of the most epic moments of the entire series, and Jim was right when he described dropping out as best man as his ‘best prank ever.’

After watching numerous people try to replace him as boss over the final two seasons, there was no better surprise than seeing Michael back among his beloved former staff members, even if his metaphor of it being like ‘all his kids grew up and married each other’ wasn’t the best he could have chosen.

The return reassured us that Michael finally found the family he’d always been looking for, and almost – almost – made up for his leaving in the first place.

If this list is anything to go by, it’s clear there was a lot going on in the office for the characters to be distracted by. However, Jim and Pam only really had one constant distraction – each other. Okay, maybe each other and coming up with ways to prank Dwight.

The pair truly were soulmates, and their characters will continue to prove it in every re-watch for years to come.

Happy Anniversary, Jim and Pam!

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