5 Movie Baddies That You Could Easily Beat Up In Real Life



They might be sociopathic emperors, malevolent vampires or Wall Street sharks, but underneath their tough exteriors and trappings of power, they could all be easily flattened with a Stone Cold Stunner…

Kylo Ren – The Force Awakens


C’mon, so what if he has the force?

Having been easily beaten by rookie force user Rey, he’s obviously not even that strong in it.

Still, you could easily just catch him unawares while he’s listening to My Chemical Romance. Just take the lightsaber off him and revenge Han Solo all over his face.

HAL 9000 – 2001: A Space Odyssey


Just unplug him. Fuck it.

Gordon Gecko – Wall Street

wall-street-douglas20th Century Fox

In the boardroom or down the other end of the phone, Gekko is obviously a force to be reckoned with, but despite all his wealth and power, a few swift kicks to the balls would have him mewling and offering you his Rolex before you could blink away the drops of his blood that have landed on your eye.

He’s like Sir Alex Ferguson – a fearsome reputation and talks a big tough game but he’s basically a piss-weak ole lad who’d try and sue you if you hit him.

David – The Lost Boys

David_-_Human_formWarner Bros

A thousand year old vampire who spends his time behaving like a self involved teenager in some nothing 80s seaside American town, corrupting pretty boys to join his little gang of weirdos?

If you were an immortal vampire is that how you’d spend your time?

No chance! You’d drive a stake through his heart, no bother.

Commodus – Gladiator


In the dictionary entry for whinging spoiled brat they should have a picture of Commodus crying because his sister wouldn’t let him sleep with her.

He’s more Kevin The Teenager than he is Nero.

Hell, Maximus knocks the fuck out of him even after taking a knife to the gut.

He’s an absolute pansy – if you hit him his only recourse is to get his daddy to enslave you.