7 Of The Most Effortlessly Cool Actors In Hollywood


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Men want to be them, women want to be with them – and vice versa.

Actors by their nature are cool creatures anyway, for the most part, but some are in a different league alongside David Bowie, God, and the very concept of cool itself…

Bill Murray

Bill_MurrayColombia Pictures

It’s Bill Murray…nothing else really needs to be said.

But, hey, I’ll say it anyway – Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day, Kingpin, Lost in Translation, the list goes on…

Not only is he cool because of his roles, but seemingly every day there’s new stories coming to light about the crazy escapades that Bill gets into, like washing dishes at a house party, giving a best man speech at a wedding, or just scaring people on the street.

It’s medically impossible not to like this man and all he’s done!

Jack Nicholson


This man needs no introduction – he’s quite simply the coolest actor of all time.

And, with three Oscar wins to his name, arguably the best too.

He has the playboy lifestyle of Warren Beatty, combined with the effortless cool of Marlon Brando and the charming likeability of Peter Dinklage.

Plus, any man that is given carte blanche by notorious taskmaster, Stanley Kubrick, as Jack was in The Shining, is some kind of acting god.

Jennifer Lawrence

j lawGetty

Unlike a lot of image conscious Hollywood actresses, Jennifer Lawrence strikes me as someone who’d actually be decent craic in real life.

Despite being one of the best young actresses working today, she seems to just not really be too fussed or stressed by the whole thing, which is mental and pretty badass when you consider that she’s only 25.

When I was 25, I was still coming to grips with making beans on toast and not pissing the bed when I was drunk – so she’s beaten me and everyone else hands down in the effortlessly cool stakes.

Sam Rockwell


Fuck actors with dogs – actors with cats is where it’s at!

Just look at Sam Rockwell using that cat like a scarf like it’s the most natural thing in the world – even the animal rights people are going to be alright with that.

When he’s not turning pets into accessories, Sam is kept busy being basically the coolest thing in every movie he’s in, courtesy of his effortless charm and talent.

He’s even good in The Green Mile, despite being a child murdering bastard.

Woody Harrelson


Is there anyone alive who doesn’t just love Woody Harrelson?

If there is, then punch them in the dick from me, because Woody Harrelson has to be one of the coolest people alive.

He’s an amazingly talented, super chilled stoner who just wants to make people happy. The man is a legend.

Emma Stone

Premiere Of Sony Pictures Classics' "Irrational Man" - ArrivalsGetty

Like Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone seems to combine an innate confidence and comfort in who she is, with acting chops that stretch from more demanding roles (Birdman) to comedy hits (Superbad).

The fact that she seems fairly funny and relaxed in interviews just sets her apart from image conscious, health guru nonsense spouters like Gwyneth Paltrow and Julia Roberts.

Samuel L. Jackson


The absolute daddy of cool actors surely has to be Samuel L. Jackson?

Even when he’s not trying to be cool, he just oozes the kind of assured class you must get when you’re completely secure in the knowledge that you’re a total bad ass.

I mean, who else could rock a Kangol hat, leather jacket and Harry Potter glasses, and yet still make you think, “Yeah, that guy is a cool motherfucker”.

For proof of the effortless cool of Sam Jackson, try to wear that same outfit into work tomorrow while reciting Bible verse and see how far you get.