Apple Fan Camps Outside Apple Store For Ten Days Before New Release

Mazen Kourouche

A dedicated Apple fan is already camping outside his local Apple store for the newest iPhone model ten days before its release.

YouTube vlogger and app developer Mazen Kourouche is determined to be one of the first people to get his hands on the upcoming iPhone X. The iPhone X, 8 and 8s go on sale in stores today in the UK.

However for Kourouche, who lives in Australia, he has to wait a further 10 days for the phone to drop on Australian soil – hence he’s camping outside of his local Apple store in Sydney.

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We live in age where people camp outside department stores on Christmas Day to be first for Boxing Day sales, trainer geeks line up three days in advance for overpriced tier zero Nike sneakers and street wear enthusiasts line up to pay top dollar for a brick that says ‘Supreme’.

But this isn’t the first time the 20-year-old student, who is studying software engineering at the University Of New South Wales, has lined up for one of Apple’s new launches.

I’d be sick and tried of camping for days just for a new phone. But this determined YouTuber thinks the experience is totally worth it.

Mazen Kourouche

When we spoke to Kourouche he told us he is:

… mainly in line to record the release first for my YouTube channel. In the previous years I’ve lined up for it, it was mainly because of the shortage in stock.

I’m also hooked onto the MacOS and iOS ecosystem so I’m sort of stuck.

Camping out in the city is like a war of attrition and while hygiene is rightly a concern Kourouche assures us he’s got all his survival needs covered. His camping essentials includes ‘a tent, food, a comfortable chair and a sense of humour’.

Mazen Kourouche

To keep himself busy over the next 10 days he’ll:

… pop into the Apple Store and watch YouTube or work on my assignment. My friends are also waiting in line with me so they keep me company.

It becomes abundantly clear as we’re speaking Kourouche is both dedicated and passionate about technology, not even an offer of $50,000 AUS could make him give up his first place spot. He tells us unless the offer is tangible it’s not even worth thinking about.

Mazen Kourouche

While some may scoff at his and his friends’ dedication, and mock and criticise – this is the internet after all – Kourouche pays it no mind.

He told us:

People have been sending hate comments but I love it. I know what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. I’m even thinking of making a video soon reading the hate comments. Some of them get really creative.

YouTube / Mazen Kourouche

He goes on to say:

… contrary to popular belief, I do have a job but also a boss who was kind enough to understand my passion for technology and gave me time off.

In the end Kourouche loves ‘reviewing tech’ he sees Apple’s technology as ‘simple and well designed’ – the reason he’s remained such a dedicated customer.

YouTube / Mazen Kourouche

One of the first people he’ll be calling once his new phone is setup is his mother, who was one of the first people to know he’d be doing this, so he can tell her ‘I made it’.

The new iPhone 8, iPhone 8s and iPhone X go on sale today in Apple stores and outlets across the UK.