Are These The Most Psycho Halloween Tricks Ever?

by : UNILAD on : 30 Oct 2015 18:16
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With Halloween just around the corner, mischief makers everywhere are preparing to scare their friends witless. Whether it’s little bastards in urban legends stuffing dogs’ arses with bangers and throwing them into old grannies’ letterboxes, or American teenagers accidentally getting shot in pranks gone awry, you can bet that people will still be tricking and pranking each other with malevolent glee. Just better hope you don’t end up like some of these people.

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Household Terrifies Kids With Dummy Of Man Who Slipped Clearing Gutters

A North Carolina family decided against the traditional spooky Halloween decorations and opted instead for the fake domestic accident – a prank which saw the fire department called to their house. They left a dummy hanging from the gutter, positioned to look like it was a real person whose ladder had slipped while they were clearing leaves, only for terrified kids to think it was real and call the police. Which is fair enough, as far as Halloween scares go, seeing a dude about to break his spine in a two-storey drop is pretty rough. Definitely a prank gone wrong.


Police Think A Dude Ran Himself Over With Lawnmower

This one relied on scaring trick or treaters into thinking that a terrible accident had taken place. The only difference being that this one was a fatal lawnmower mutilation, not a fall from roof personal injury lawsuit. The guy stuffed a dummy in some overalls splattered in fake blood and left it in his front garden, gorily trapped beneath his lawnmower. Trick or treaters, who in America don’t seem to be the little menaces they are in the UK and Ireland, quickly called the cops who had it removed. Apparently former East 17 frontman Brian Harvey once tried a similar prank, only he used his own body under his car and it wasn’t even Halloween…

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Razor Blades In Party Food Or Any Other Urban Legend

Every year around Halloween time, the rumour mill of horrible tricks from years past goes into overdrive. Sometimes it’s nice things like if that lady up the road who only gives out chocolate will be giving treats this year, but usually it’s stories of cackling teenagers putting lit fireworks in people’s bag, stoners giving kids hash brownies, or psychos mixing razor blades in with the kiddies’ sweets. Some of them are probably based in fact, which would be quite a fucking cunty prank to pull. If you really want to scare them just say the only treats they’ll get are monkey nuts – which we all know are tasteless excuses for nuts, only fit to be fed to monkeys. In fairness though it is a compelling myth which no doubt will be shared by bored middle aged women on Facebook who are just looking for the slightest excuse to talk about their kids anyway. Only joking Sarah, your chocolate-smeared kids are little little angels, obvs…

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Teacher Ran Into Class In Hockey Mask And Wielding Chainsaw

Unsurprisingly, this bell end of a teacher winded up getting arrested after carrying out a prank in which he went into the school where he worked pretending to be a crazed murderer with a chainsaw. One student, who apparently tripped over a chair trying to escape and would definitely have been first killed in a horror movie, sued for damages. The fake chainsaw maniac seems a bit cliche though, if he really wanted the kids all he really had to do was carry a fake assault rifle, wear a Korn t-shirt and trenchcoat. Tragic, but true.


Parents Stage Fake Murder To Terrify Kids, Kids Call Cops

In the US they seem to take Halloween really seriously, in Ireland people just get pissed and drive stolen cars into massive bonfires (genuinely terrifying) but in America they go all out with the scary decorations and tricks. None more so than a couple who staged a fake murder scene at home for their scared children to witness and then promptly went to their neighbours, probably crying and believing their mother was killed horribly by their father. Undeniably a good prank, because it would be utterly fucking terrifying, but will probably cost the idiot parents thousands in therapist’s fees. 


Guy Creates Fake Murder Scene In His Garden

This one is actually the best of all the fake murder pranks. A guy in Mustang, Oklahoma, placed two bloody dead bodies in his garden, positioned like they just been killed in a shoot out, to terrify the fuck out of trick or treaters. Which would only really work in America where the occurence of violent gun crime is more of a daily reality. The homeowner, Johnie Mullins, initially had only one body, lying sprawled against his garage door, but after receiving complaints from neighbours horrified by the prank he decided to say ‘fuck it’ and added another body that looked like it’d been run over, and told news crews he’ll keep trying to scare people.

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