Audi Throw Amazing Birthday Party For Young Boy With Autism

audi ferrari birthday party autism kid uniladUNILAD

Audi threw an amazing Marvel themed birthday party as a surprise for a young boy with autism.

To celebrate her son Vincent Arambula’s ninth birthday, mum Nicole, from Texas, arranged with her local Audi dealership a party he will always remember.

A fan of Marvel, Vince’s favourite hero is Iron Man and so Nicole came up with the idea of arranging a ride for her son in an Audi R8, the car Tony Stark drives in the films.

audi ferrari birthday party autism kid uniladUNILAD

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Nicole explained how Audi were more than happy to help:

At the age of four Vince was diagnosed with autism being non-verbal and still wearing diapers. He has improved tremendously over the years thanks to intensive behaviour, speech and occupational therapy.

Until the age of six he had several interests but then he discovered Marvel and more specifically Iron Man. I’m not sure why but it unlocked something in him. He began engaging in imaginative play and became more social.

Last year I contacted the local Audi dealership to see if I could bring Vince in to see an Audi R8 and we agreed on a date and time.

A few days later though their sales manager called me saying they wanted to do something nice for Vince.

The team at the dealership arranged for a food truck, cake, concert tickets, rare signed comics and a visit from some R8 owners who took Vince out for a ride.

audi ferrari birthday party autism kid uniladUNILAD

Audi even coordinated with a local non-profit organisation, The Ferrari Kid, to arrange a trip to Vince’s local Ferrari dealership as well.

A local theatre also donated an official Avengers: Infinity War poster which they framed for Vince.

Nicole told UNILAD everyone really rallied together to give Vince the best birthday:

The party itself was pretty cool! It started out with my husband Andy, our daughter Elise, myself and Vince up at Ferrari of San Antonio.

Vince toured the showroom and got to look at all of the cars and take pictures. He then rode in a Ferrari Testarossa with a local Ferrari owner down to Audi.

We were greeted by all of our guests there. Vincent then opened presents and we sang Happy Birthday to him. They had Marvel cupcakes for him and a hamburger food truck for all the guests and dealership employees.

Their service manager then took Vince out for a ride in his R8. Everyone really enjoyed the party!

audi ferrari birthday party autism kid uniladUNILAD

When Vince saw the surprises organised for him, he was clearly over the moon.

Nicole told us:

Vince’s reaction to his party was pretty cool. He was just so excited about it and loves his friends over at Cavender Audi. We have stayed in touch with them.

He was very grateful for all their generosity.

Happy Birthday Vince!

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