Baby Born Just 1lb 15oz Grows To Be Happy And Healthy Little Boy

Baby MasonUNILAD

Childbirth, for some women, can be one of the most gruelling experiences in life. It’s undoubtedly more traumatic when the mother’s life, as well as her child’s, is at risk.

Jennifer Carr, from Indiana, gave birth to her son Mason two years ago, but had to have an emergency caesarean section at 29 weeks due to developing HELLP Syndrome.

HELLP is a rare liver and blood clotting disorder that can affect pregnant women, and the only cure for Jennifer was to deliver her baby.

Check out the video below of Mason:

Speaking to UNILAD, Jennifer, 41, explained what happened during child birth:

I was experiencing the severe back pain for just couple days prior to going to the ER. I hadn’t heard of HELLP before so I didn’t think much of it. I just thought it was a backache.

Shortly after arriving at ER and getting my blood work done I was told by the doctor that I had HELLP and if I hadn’t have come in, I most likely would have died in my sleep due to my liver failing and my blood platelet count being dangerously low.

My husband and I were so scared and in complete shock that I would be having him that night. We were obviously not prepared. It wasn’t even a consideration when we went in. Though on the way to the ER I told my husband that I had a feeling of doom.

He tried to reassure me everything was fine but I just had the strangest feeling in my gut. I had an emergency c-section an hour later. My beautiful son Mason was born weighing 1 lb 15 ozs and was 14 inches long.

Watch Jennifer in the video below holding her son for the first time:

Mason spent 55 days in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

He was eventually allowed to be taken home when his weight increased to 4.5 lbs.

Mason when he was born and nowUNILAD

Talking about Mason and his health now, Jennifer said:

He was so tiny yet there was absolutely nothing wrong with him. He was just small and spent his time there learning to feed and to just grow.

He is now a smart, hilarious, rambunctious two-year-old. He’s a true miracle in our eyes. He’s so smart, so sweet and lovable, and he’s so funny! He has the best personality.

We love him so much and couldn’t imagine a life without him. Nor could we remember life before him!

At 2 years old, Mason is as healthy as can be. You wouldn’t even know he had the start he did.

Speaking about how ‘almost dying’ has changed her, Jennifer said:

Almost dying has definitely changed me. It’s made me realise life can turn in an instant. I try to live in the moment and just take in all that motherhood has to offer.

I love my little boy so much. Even though it was a traumatising ordeal, I wouldn’t change it. Our bond is so strong because of it.

Mason is life! He brings pure joy and everyone loves him.

Boy who was born very prematurelyUNILAD

The proud mum said she wouldn’t change the experience for the world and that ‘all NICU babies are fighters’.

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