Bank Prints Dad’s Whole Face On Bankcard In Hilarious Misunderstanding

dad credit card photoUNILAD

We all make silly mistakes, that is a fact, but one dad’s ridiculous blunder was so funny he went viral on Twitter.

56-year-old Benjamin Urbina from Mexico loves to make ‘really lame dad jokes’ but little did he know his best one to date would be a complete accident.

When the Urbina family visited Alabama for a birthday, Benjamin decided to open a bank account at Wells Fargo, as he was having issues with his bank at the time, Bank of America.

dad credit card bank photoUNILAD

When he opened the account, Wells Fargo asked him whether he would like a picture of himself on the credit card, a simple request poor Benjamin just failed to understand.

To be fair, Bank of America cards feature a passport photo of the cardholder in the corner for identity reasons and so Benjamin assumed this is what Wells Fargo was referring to.

Little did he know they would print his passport photo over the entire credit card, zoomed in and stretched out for added effect of course.

dad credit card bank photoUNILAD

Speaking to UNILAD, Benjamin’s 21-year-old daughter Sandra explained how her dad was stunned when the card arrived in the post.

She said:

When they gave him his new card he was shocked, like ‘WHAT IS THIS??’ It just wasn’t what he expected at all.

My mum burst out laughing at his card that had his face all over it. When I got home from school my mum was eager to tell me the funny mishap. She was like ‘SANDRA! SANDRA! COME LOOK!’

I then told my dad to show me it and he pulled out his card and showed me and between the laughter my mum tried to tell me the story and then we both burst out laughing even more. My poor dad was just like ‘alright, alright’.

Oh Benjamin! To be fair, it’s an easy mistake to make and I am sure he isn’t the only one to have made it.

dad credit card bank photoUNILAD

Realising she just had to share this with as many people as possible, Sandra asked her dad whether she could take photos of both of his credit cards and for some reason he obliged, clearly not realising what would be coming next.

Sharing the side-by-side images on Twitter, Sandra wrote:

So my dad got a new credit card and they asked him if he wanted a picture on it so he thought it was gonna be a tiny picture of him like the previous card he had so he sent them a picture of him and then… HE PLAYED HIMSELF BRUH!

Sandra’s tweet quickly went viral as the internet showed Benjamin their love giving the post a whopping 357,000 likes at time of writing (September 19).

dad credit card bank photoUNILAD

As the likes rolled in, Sandra couldn’t believe how viral her dad was going.

She told us:

As the numbers kept increasing I was like ‘wow that’s cool!’ I’ve never really gotten that many likes, if anything maybe 12 on a normal tweet like that.

We never expected it to go THAT VIRAL! Some well known Instagram accounts dedicated to memes even reposted my tweet and some Facebook Mexican vines page also did.

Showing her dad the tweet, Benjamin didn’t realise what viral fame really meant shrugging it off saying, ‘Haha sure… I don’t get what’s so funny though’.

dad credit card bank photoUNILAD

However, when family friends started joking with him asking for an autograph, it dawned on Benjamin what being internet famous means.

Thankfully, he loves making people laugh and, as Sandra says, ‘For him to do something that people thought was hilarious was a big dad win’.

Benjamin, you really have made our day.

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