Guy Says He’ll Meet His Girlfriend For Breakfast, Ends Up Going On Holiday With His Mates

Brent Catterson

A man has risked majorly p*ssing off his girlfriend after arranging to meet her for breakfast but standing her up, turning his phone off and flying to Spain instead.

When Brent Catterson, from Telford was presented with the opportunity to head over to Benidorm on a stag do, he thought it’d be ‘a laugh’ to, you know, casually not mention it to his girlfriend, Kayleigh.

Brent Catterson
He told UNILAD:
Basically a friend of mine called me on the Tuesday before and said there’s a space on the stag do, and asked if I’d like to go.
I said ‘yes’ without asking Kayleigh, and I decided that it would be a laugh not to tell her and to make a sign and post it to her Facebook wall.
So the night before I told her I was busy with work commitments and said we could meet the next day for breakfast.
Only, he wouldn’t be meeting Kayleigh for breakfast, because he was already at the airport equipped with a sign which read: “Babe. Gone to Spain with the lads. See you in three days. Please don’t be mad.”
Brent Catterson
He continued:
I was flying out from Birmingham that day at 7am, so I went to the airport with my sign I had made, had the picture taken and put it on her Facebook and sent her a text!
Then I turned my phone off and went.
I wasn’t nervous about it, I thought it would be a laugh. Although Kayleigh didn’t speak to me the whole holiday we were fine on my return!
Brent Catterson

She’s a more patient woman than most, let me tell you.