Bartender Gets Handed Her Own ID That Had Been Missing For 2 Years

by : UNILAD on : 16 May 2018 20:17
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Nothing serves as such a powerful reminder of how small the world is as this heartwarming tale of a bartender and fake ID.


We’ve all been there, when you’re on the cusp of adulthood and use your cousin’s ID, or the one you found at a bus stop one time. Unfortunately for this girl, she handed ‘her’ ID to the bartender – who it had belonged to years before.

Kleo McHugh was working in a bar in Alabama, where the drinking age is 21-years-old, and was handed her own driver’s license when she was checking a girl’s ID.


Speaking to UNILAD, 22-year-old Kleo said:


The girl was stunned, I don’t think she processed what I was saying. She told me that she had recognised me, but that she thought maybe I was just a bartender somewhere else too.

I was kind of stunned, it also didn’t immediately process that I was looking at my own picture. But, overall I thought it was funny. I couldn’t be mad, I was underage once too so I get it. The girl was happy I was so chill about it.

I thought I’d get a few hundred retweets, I had no idea it would go viral. Most people on twitter have been super nice, and reading all the funny fake ID stories was great.

Kleo posted her hilarious situation on Twitter, saying:

Pretty sure I just received the best fake ID of my bartending career; a girl handed me my missing license from 2 years ago

The tweet received 540k likes and 75k retweets, at the time of writing, prompting many commenters to share their funny bartending stories.

Hannah Orchard wrote of a particularly audacious situation:

This guy found and used my bros ID for like 2 years, lost his wallet, which obviously turned up at my bro’s address, and then messaged him on Facebook asking for it back.


One user wrote:

I had this happen as a bartender and the guy didn’t recognise my picture and fought that it was him for a solid 10 min before I held it up next to my face. It was a great moment. [sic]

For some, using someone else’s ID really works. One user wrote:

When I was still underage I handed my fake to this waitress (it was from a girl from out of town) and she goes ‘oh my god I know this girl, I’m gonna serve you anyways because that’s hilarious’.

The girl had bought the ID from another minor, who’d been using it until she got to drinking age, and Kleo let her keep it because it’s ‘vertical which is underage’ in New York and it was cracked.

Kleo also said it’s ‘technically illegal in Alabama to confiscate fake IDs anyways, although I’m sure this would have been a special exception’.

As a message to the girl, Kleo said:

Good luck until you’re 21. Luckily this is one concern you’ll never have to have again! Have fun and be safe!

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