Best Man Hilariously Crashes Bride And Groom Photos

best man first look wedding dressUNILAD/Sarah Pukin Photography

Weddings are truly wonderful days and if the bride and groom choose to have first look photos they can be particularly magical.

Just before they say their “I do’s”, some couples choose to have ‘first look’ photos done which involves a bride sneaking up on a nervous and eagerly awaiting groom.

Turning round and seeing his bride in her stunning wedding dress for the first time, the intimate photos are very emotional as the groom just stands there beaming, filled with love.

best man first look wedding dressUNILAD/Sarah Pukin Photography

30-year-old Keegan Kuhr and 25-year-old Tina Marceau from Canada arranged to have this photoshoot done on their big day earlier this year.

Tying the knot on July 21 in the beautiful town of Canmore, which lies within Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, Keegan awaited the arrival of his bride Tina alongside photographer Sarah Pukin.

But best man Shawn Carnes had a surprise hidden up his sleeve, deciding to join in on the action, because why not?

best man first look wedding dressUNILAD/Sarah Pukin Photography

Donning Tina’s wedding dress and a veil, Shawn sneaked up on and tapped Keegan on the shoulder who looked surprised but delighted to see him.

Meanwhile Tina just waited in a limousine eager to know whether the prank had been pulled off.

Unable to stop laughing, Shawn and Keegan posed for some photos which are truly incredible.

best man first look wedding dressUNILAD/Sarah Pukin Photography

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Keegan said he was left speechless by Shawn’s surprise.

He had ‘no idea’ it was coming:

I had no idea my best man and best friend was going to be in that dress. I expected it to be Tina.

When I saw Shawn and not Tina, I laughed so hard. It was hilarious! The idea was actually my sister Karissa and auntie Kim’s.

The photos were amazing. Sarah did a great job capturing our reaction and clearly they were great pictures because it went viral which I never expected.

People over the world seemed to really love it.

They really did with photographer Sarah’s Facebook post sharing the photos receiving over 41,000 likes and 78,000 shares at time of writing (August 8).

best man first look wedding dressUNILAD/Sarah Pukin Photography

Having been friends with Keegan for 15 years, Shawn just had to say yes when Karissa and Kim asked him whether he would be happy to take part.

He told UNILAD Shawn’s reaction made it even more worth it:

Keegan’s sister messaged me the day before we drove out and asked if I would be into doing it. They of course knew not to tempt me with a good time.

The dress fit like a glove. However the top portion was held in form by a metal bar or something. My pits took a beating and I’m not sure why women do this for us.

Keegan’s reaction was priceless. I have done a ‘first look’ before and I know your nerves are on high alert. Seeing him transition between a mass of emotions erupting into pure joy was something I’ll never forget. I couldn’t have been happier to bring such a memorable reaction on his day.

And not to sound too conceited but I didn’t think I was looking that great in the photos. I thought ‘no big deal though, not too many people will see them’.

Then we went viral. Kind of wish I had looked a little more Blue Steel and less Billy Madison.

We think you looked great, Shawn!

best man first look wedding dressUNILAD/Sarah Pukin Photography

Now that is true bromance!

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