Best Mr Bean Look-Alike In The World Found In Pakistan

by : UNILAD on : 02 May 2018 20:50
Mr Bean lookalike from PakistanUNILAD

You may have thought one Mr Bean was enough, well, you’re about to eat your words because the Pakistani version is everything you’ve wanted and more.

Filmed in Dubai, magician Omar Farooq bumped into his friend, who impersonates the childish, nasal and baffoon-like character, and took a short video, not knowing the world would be amazed at the likeness.


Within the first hour of the video being posted on UNILAD, it received 625k views, 13k shares, and and 37k reactions, many in disbelief at how well the Pakistani Mr Bean had impersonated Rowan Atkinson’s famous character.

Here’s the incredible video:

Speaking to UNILAD, Omar said:


He’s a good friend of mine based in Karachi, Pakistan. He’s known as Pakistan Mr Bean. He was here for a function in Dubai when I met him and I just took a small video.

If I’d known it would get this big I would have taken a proper one.

You can say he’s a full time Mr Bean lookalike, he does commercials and adverts in Pakistan. He also does some real-estate stuff, but yes, you can say he’s a full-time Mr Bean.

Mr Bean lookalike from PakistanUNILAD

In the video, you can see the Pakistani Mr Bean making the hilarious and goofy facial expressions as well as re-creating the nasal tones extremely well, before bringing out his famous sidekick ‘Teddy’.

The Mr Bean impersonator, real name Asif, is in his 40s and based in Karachi. According to Omar, he’s ‘very excited’ about going viral and hopes to make more videos.


Omar continued:

He was invited to a celebration of the Pakistani republic which took place is Dubai where I saw him.

I’m shocked at the response this has received, it’s really excellent.

I spoke to Asif and he said ‘I can make some more videos when I’m back in Dubai again with you’, he’s very excited

Mr Bean lookalike from PakistanUNILAD

Some commenters on the video were completely fooled, with one saying:


At first glance I thought it was Rowan aka Bean

While another said: ‘I had to read the caption to see that it wasn’t Mr Bean’.

We hope to see more of him in the future, preferably doing the classic, limby Mr Bean dance.

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