‘Bo66y’ Is A Fascinating Look At A British Footballing Icon

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Even to a non-football fan like me, the name Bobby Moore means something. He was a footballing legend and now the subject of a wonderful documentary Bo66y.

This captivating film tells the story of Bobby Moore’s dramatic rise and unfortunate fall from grace through the stories of his friends, family and fans.

Bo66y succeeds where so many documentaries fail in that it engages the viewer in such a way that, even if you’re not a football fan, you’ll enjoy this film.

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Despite Bobby being a notoriously private man, director Matthew Lorenzo gets to the heart of the man, revealing his early ambitions, battle with cancer and, of course, his love of the beautiful game.

Perhaps most interestingly, the film examines the appalling treatment of Bobby by the FA after he stopped playing professional football, with many of the film’s contributors criticising the organisation for neglecting the footballing icon.

There’s a particularly moving interview with Harry Redknapp in which he accuses Bobby’s old team of ‘betraying’ their old captain – and I challenge even the most ardent football fan not to well up with tears as he remembers his old friend.

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My only issue with the film is that, as a tribute documentary, it touches on the darker moments in the legendary footballer’s life, but fails to engage with them beyond that, giving us a somewhat sanitised version of the man’s life.

Despite this, Bo66y is the perfect tribute to a national treasure and leaves you with the sad feeling that they just don’t make them like Bobby Moore any more.

Bo66y begins a limited cinema release in the UK tomorrow and will be available on DVD from May 30.

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