Boo Will Not Appear In Monsters, Inc. Sequel Series, Creator Confirms

by : Cameron Frew on : 29 Jun 2021 11:49
Boo Will Not Appear In Monsters, Inc. Sequel Series, Creator ConfirmsDisney

Mike and Sully are back in Monsters at Work, the Disney+ sequel series to Monsters, Inc. – just don’t expect to see Boo. 

In Pixar’s infancy, Pete Docter crafted a classic on his first try. After working on Toy Story and A Bug’s Life, he directed Monsters, Inc., one of the studio’s most beloved films to date.


Between his work on Up and Inside Out, he returned to Monstropolis with Monsters University as a producer, directed by Bobs Gannaway. Now, they’re back with Monsters at Work, a direct sequel to the original movie set just one day after the power planted started harvesting laughter, rather than scares. Of all the doors we’ll venture through, however, there’s one that’ll remain closed.

Check out the trailer for Monsters at Work below: 


Billy Crystal and John Goodman are both reprising their roles of Mike Wazowski and James P. ‘Sulley’ Sullivan respectively, in addition to some new not-so-frightening faces: Ben Feldman as mechanic Tylor Tuskmon; Mindy Kaling as Tylor’s best friend Val Little; and Henry Winkler as his boss Fritz.


Ahead of the show’s release on Disney+, we attended a press conference with the stars. Despite eight years since Mike was on our screens, for Crystal, it was like he never left.

‘Oh, I loved getting back into Mike. I don’t think he ever left… he’s pretty much my favourite character that I’ve ever played. I mean, I had so much fun with John on the first two films. And to get a chance to team up again in such a beautiful, funny brand new series is was actually so exciting for me,’ he said.

Monsters at Work. (Disney+)Disney+

Goodman was similarly enthusiastic to be back in blue fur. ‘Yeah, it’s a no brainer, the script so good, the animation of such high quality that it makes it a lot of fun,’ he said.


Gannaway broke down how the show takes place the day after ‘they switch from scares to laughs, and there’s a big change in the world… and that’s when a lot of great stories happen, when there’s a lot of change in the world’.

‘You know, doing this as a series is great because it really gives us time to, as I say, spend time with old friends and make new friends. And the series allows you to really sort of dig into both of that so we could spend time with Mike and Sulley, but then we get to meet this new group,’ he said.

Monsters at Work. (Disney+)Disney+

‘From the beginning, my goal was to make sure the audience gets to go back to a place they love. So I worked very, very hard. And that’s why having Billy and John back, it wouldn’t be the same place without them. It wouldn’t be the same place if it doesn’t look that way. So I really wanted to make sure you get to go back to a place you love and spend time with friends and then go places you haven’t seen,’ Gannaway continued.


So with that, you’d probably expect to see Boo, right? Wrong. ‘Just to be very clear, Boo does not make an appearance in the series,’ the producer said, but the reasoning makes sense.

‘Pete Docter and I had a nice discussion about Boo and we both agreed the relationship between Boo and Sulley is so precious and so wonderful that we want to leave it to the world to have their own interpretation of how that relationship continued and not define it… we want to leave it. Let the world have that,’ he explained.

During the show’s development, Goodman managed to have a ‘little private reunion’ with Mary Gibbs, Boo’s voice actor and the daughter of Roy Gibbs, a director on Monsters at Work who sadly passed away. ‘I mean, [it] was almost unbelievable. That was an incredible thing,’ Goodman said.

Boo and Sulley in Monsters, Inc. (Pixar)Pixar

Boo’s absence shouldn’t get in the way, with Crystal confident people are going to love it. ‘Having just seen the first two episodes, I was really just moved about in a lot of ways. One, it’s actually quite emotional and it’s really funny. And all these new characters just breathe the whole new life into the the family of Monsters, Inc.,’ he said.

‘For those who loved it and have grown to love it, it just the story’s just going to keep on going and going. And I think that was what I loved most about it when I met with Bobs and everybody… then when you see it, you just get blown away. It’s really great to be part of it again,’ Crystal added.

It’s like Gannaway said: ‘Let’s just go back to the place we love and spend time with friends.’

Monsters at Work hits Disney+ on Wednesday, July 7. 

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