Boyfriend Saves Girl From Embarrassing Herself In Front Of His Family, She Ends Up Marrying Him

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This is a story of true ‘inflatuation’.

Nothing confirms love like when your significant other takes a bullet for you, or in this case, claims a massive fart as their own.

Cydni Beer met Ben in Arizona when she was 16 and he was 19. Their love story is a beautiful one that crescendoed in a huge fart in the presence of future in-laws.

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Speaking to UNILAD, Cydni said:

I met Ben when I was 16 he was a missionary in our small cotton farm town for a short time. I loved him from the moment I saw him who knew years later he would return off his mission back to our home town and we would reconnect. He would be my first kiss and my first boyfriend.

I was poor and homely and Ben was exotic and upper middle class. Despite our many differences we fell in love.

I lacked confidence and Ben was so sure of everything. I doubted that he could love me as much as I loved him and had no idea how I would ever know he really loved me.

Ben talked about marriage but he was my first and only boyfriend. I was only 20 with little experience in love so naturally I was hesitant to get married so we continued to date.

Talking about the fateful incident, Cydni said:

One night Ben invited me over to watch a film with his parents. I was working three jobs to get by as I had no job and no car and a tiny basement apartment I was struggling to pay rent on. When we watched movies together I would fall asleep as soon as the opening scene started that aside he wanted me with him anyway.

This particular night I wasn’t feeling well but longed to be with him so I went over to his parents home. I snuggled into to Ben and fell fast asleep. In my sleep my stomach grumbled and to my horror I farted so loud it woke me up.

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Cyndi added:

I knew what happened but did they? They did. Everyone knew someone had just farted. Ben immediately spoke up ‘Oops! Couldn’t hold that one in. Excuse me.’

All this time I had wondered if a man like Ben could truly love me and now I knew. A man doesn’t take blame for a belch from the behind for just anyone. He would only claim that bomber if he loved me. Now I knew he loved me.

After what they described as a ‘Thunderspray experience’, the pair got married, because, as Cydni said, ‘How could I pass up a man who would take my passing of the gas so heroically?’

Cydni and Ben just celebrated 13 years together and have three children.

What a beautiful, though a little smelly, foundation for their marriage to be built on.

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