Builders Uncover Mysterious ‘Body At Ancient Burial Site’

David Grimes/Facebook

A team of builders filmed the moment they uncovered a mysterious ‘body’ made of stone on the grounds of an ‘ancient grave yard’.

David Grimes and his colleagues were digging on the site on the Loughcrew estate in Co Meath, Ireland, which is now used for festivals and weddings.

The 21-year-old said the site had been the location of finds in the past as it’s ‘famous in Ireland for the passage tombs’ and pointed out ‘the church you see in the video belonged to St. Oliver Plunkett’.

David Grimes/Facebook

As the workers were digging away, they unearthed something about two feet under the soil.

David told UNILAD:

We needed to dig drainage and while we were doing so, we hit what we thought was a really hard rock. We had trouble cutting through roots and stuff which took a while at the start of the digging so at first we thought it was a heavy root.

Then as we dug back we realised it was rock, but the more we cleared to pull it out, the more it went on.

Eventually, we had uncovered a full body nearly. When we first found the nose we didn’t know what to think, it was one of the maddest moments of my life.

It was quite scary actually because the land owner had told us if he hit small pebbles to stop digging straight away as it could be an ancient grave, as they’ve been found before as its the ancient church grounds, but we didn’t hit pebbles so we just kept going.

Watch the video of the team uncovering the ‘body’ here:

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David said he started ‘freaking out a bit’ when they first uncovered the ‘artefact’ which resembled something crossed between a bird and a man.

He added:

You don’t really believe it at first, so you just keep going. We were discussing whether we should stop or who to call, but to be honest you just kind of get caught up in it and we wanted to know what it was.

You could tell it was stone and not a dead body so that kind of made it feel okay, but it was still really weird. Something like that doesn’t really happen to you.

David Grimes/Facebook

Describing the moment as being like something from a film, David said:

I felt kind of like I was in an Indiana Jones movie! It felt totally surreal. One part of me was thinking ‘What about the drainage?’ the other part was thinking ‘I just found a mummy!’

After a while, the guys got in touch with the landowner who called the relevant authorities.

They then arrived and placed a tent over it and David said they ‘went clean mad’ at the builders, telling them they should have ‘left it alone’.

He told UNILAD:

The thing itself was taken away by one of the departments of the environment, they had a white tent and lights over it last night, the owners at Loughcrew promised to keep me in the loop so if there is any more news on it I’ll pass it on.

Time will tell!