Celebrate National Pepperoni Pizza Day With The Weirdest Toppings And Tales

by : Emily Brown on : 20 Sep 2020 16:44
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Get your sweats on, find a good movie on Netflix and get your favourite takeaway on the phone, because it’s National Pepperoni Pizza Day!

Show me a person who doesn’t like pizza and I’ll show you a liar, because the simple-yet-delicious dish is one of the most versatile things out there, and it never fails to provide comfort.


Pepperoni is an extremely popular pizza choice – proven by the fact there’s a whole day dedicated to celebrating it – but the range of toppings goes far beyond spicy sausage, and can cater to vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, flexitarians, and pretty much every other -arian out there.


Still, pepperoni remains a firm favourite, proven by the fact that the top-selling pizza at Domino’s last year was its Pepperoni Passion. Out of a total of 105 million pizzas sold in 2019, just under 10 million were Pepperoni Passion, and the amount of pepperoni used by the company was enough to go around the world more than once.

Pepperoni PassionPepperoni PassionDomino's

It’s no secret that there are some topping choices that are considered more controversial than others – I’m looking at you, pineapple – but to celebrate National Pepperoni Pizza Day today, September 20, UNILAD has uncovered some of the most bizarre and baffling pizza toppings, as well as a few of the tales and tragedies pizza-lovers have experienced with the dish.

A social media deep dive revealed that unusual add-ons far bypass pickles, pineapple or even kiwi fruit, with one Twitter user revealing that they’d once found octopus eggs nestled among the cheese and tomato.

Describing it as the ‘weirdest’ thing they’d ever eaten, they wrote:

I went to a Japanese restaurant as a kid and ordered a “Japanese pizza” that had octopus eggs. I thought it was sausage.


While fish eggs, aka caviar, are considered a delicacy, I think the octopus is one sea creature whose eggs we can avoid, especially when it comes to pizza.

Not everyone has been so unfortunate as to face a stomach-turning topping; in fact, one social media user knew exactly what he was doing when he topped his pie with ‘unpeeled peas’. Not loose peas, not sugarsnap peas, but specifically peas which had been unpeeled, but which remained in their pod.


Check it out below:

The Twitter user described the topping as ‘the most underrated’, so it might be worth keeping in mind for anyone who’s willing to experiment with their pizza order.

One pizza fan, who goes by the name HaitusFPS on Twitter, told UNILAD they like the taste of pepperoni, but not the meat itself. In order to really enjoy their pizza, then, they order one with pepperoni, then take the meat off, leaving only the flavour behind.


Haitus explained:

My usual pizza order is a large pepperoni and black olive pizza. I like ordering the pepperoni to pick it off because the grease from the pepperoni adds an additional flavour to the pizza. I usually feed the leftover pepperoni to my dog.

People always tell me to just not order pepperoni, but they don’t understand that cooking the pepperoni with the pizza makes for a better taste – but pepperoni by itself I just don’t like.

Pepperoni PizzaPepperoni PizzaPixabay

Ordering a topping just to take it off again is certainly unconventional, but I think we have a winner for bizarre pizza habits with a foodie identified with the pseudonym Alex.

Alex, from Brazil, left his friends baffled when he opted for a ‘sweet pizza; topped with banana, caramel and cinnamon’.

Now, the ‘sweet pizza’ isn’t unheard of, and usually consists of a plain pizza base topped with sweet toppings. A pizza of this kind topped with banana, caramel and cinnamon would probably actually be delicious, but Alex told UNILAD that they weren’t the only toppings involved.

He explained:

These toppings were on top of mozzarella cheese. No sauce or tomato.

It’s actually easy to prepare once you get the dough done. Put the cheese on, slice the banana, cover it all with banana slices, then pour sugar and cinnamon. The sugar need to be in a fair amount, as it needs to melt and turn into caramel.

To be clear, Alex’s pizza consisted of melted banana, caramel, cinnamon AND mozzarella. I can’t say I’ve ever tried cheese with banana, but there’s a good reason for that: it sounds gross.

Alex told UNILAD these kinds of pizzas aren’t actually that uncommon in Brazil, and explained that the key to making it taste good depends on sugar on top, saying: ‘If it’s too little sugar, it may melt but the mozzarella would stand out and ruin the flavour.’

Whatever floats your boat, I suppose.

The notion of a strange pizza doesn’t always have to include unusual toppings, as made evident by this atrocious pizza that went viral online for overusing one very common topping: mushrooms.

If you’re not a fan of the fungi, look away now:

Domino’s told UNILAD it has had some pretty unusual requests from customers in the past, including one that’s becoming increasingly more controversial: the BBQ base.

Over the past 12 weeks, more than 45,000 people have ditched the classic tomato base in favour of Domino’s BBQ base with their Pepperoni Passion pizza – a decision some people just can’t comprehend.

Some Domino’s customers decided to bypass the sauce altogether, with 1,700 opting for a dry base topped only with cheese and pepperoni.

Odd pizza stories aren’t always brought about by the customer, and sometimes they result in situations that are less than ideal for pizza lovers like Rosie, from the Pacific Northwest.

The 38-year-old was visiting Los Angeles when she and her husband ordered a wood-fired, thin crust Margherita pizza from Mothership Pizza, specifying that there be no basil because her husband hates it.


What arrived was a thick-crust Margherita pizza ‘with lots of tomato and basil and obviously not wood-fired’, from a pizza shop called Beach Pizza.

Baffled, the couple called Mothership Pizza and learned it did not have their order, nor the order that had been delivered. They then called Beach Pizza and learned that their order hadn’t been taken there either, leaving Rosie baffled as to how the mystery pizza could have ended up at their address, despite the order being lost.

Rosie and her husband never did get their pizza, and after eating just one slice of the one that arrived, the rest was thrown into the bin.

If tragedies like this teach us anything, it’s that when it comes to pizza we really don’t want to be disappointed. Sure, cheese and tomato is always a safe option, but if you’re looking for a bit more pizza pizzazz, there’s nothing better than some reliable, delicious pepperoni.

Happy National Pepperoni Pizza Day, everyone! Go forth and eat plenty.

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