Channel Zero Being Called ‘Best Horror TV Series Ever’

by : UNILAD on : 08 Feb 2018 19:25

Channel Zero, the show which has been compared to a mixture of Black Mirror and American Horror Story, is back for its third and most disturbing season.


The show has finally returned for its third outing on US channel SyFy and fans are solidifying their opinion the show is the ‘best horror on TV’.

For those that don’t know, Channel Zero is an anthology series based on the horror creations of site Creepypasta.


Each series is a different story and each one brings a different style of scare to the audience – to chilling effect.


The plot of the latest series, Butcher’s Block, is as follows:

A young woman moves to a new city haunted by a series of disappearances and after learning they may be connected to a baffling rumour, works with her sister to discover what is preying on the city’s residents.

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The two sisters, Alice and Zoe, delve deeper and deeper into the town’s mysteries and realise the connection comes in the form of squalid neighbourhood Butcher’s Block.

That’s all we’ll say about the story, but rest assured, it gets dark.

The previous two seasons have been very good but initial reviews are suggesting this season has come into its own.


Chris Evangelista at Slash Film has this to say about the show:


What is a good thing, however, is the fact that for three straight seasons now, Channel Zero has delivered the goods.

This series was always strong, but with Butcher’s Block it seems to have truly hit its stride.

The previous two seasons adhered more closely to their Creepypasta origins. Butcher’s Block, in contrast, strays significantly from its inspiration (the Creepypasta ‘Search and Rescue’, by Kerry Hammond).

This is a wise movie – getting inspiration from Creepypasta stories is all well and good, but using that inspiration to create something bigger and better is ideal.

He continues:

Channel Zero may not generate the same sort of buzz and hype as American Horror Story, but it continues to stand shoulders above its competition. Here is a show that understands the machinations of horror.

A show that realizes there’s more to creating something scary than just referencing horror movies from the past.

True fear lurks in the imagination and Channel Zero knows exactly how to work its way inside your subconscious and run wild.

It’s remains the best horror series on television right now.

Similarly, Inverse, have compared the horror directly to Black Mirror’s technological terrors and Butcher’s Block comes out on top.

James Grebey writes:

Butcher’s Block doesn’t leave the viewer pondering great questions about society and the human condition, the way the best Black Mirror hours do, but scare-for-scare, Channel Zero is consistently weirder and more effective.

The calories might be a little emptier, so to speak, but like human flesh, it’s a lot harder to sleep after you’ve consumed it.

Okay well if that doesn’t get you going then I don’t know what will?

Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block can be seen on Wednesdays at 10pm EST on SyFy.

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