Child’s Painful Eczema Cured By Incredible £4 ‘Miracle’ Moisturiser

Paige Sweeney Facebook

A mother has revealed how her 3-year-old daughter’s eczema has been cured by a £3.99 moisturiser.

Evie-Rae had been plagued with the painful skin condition since birth.

Her mother, Paige Sweeney, said it left her child bleeding, scratching and unable to sleep.

Paige Sweeney Facebook

23-year-old Paige has now revealed that a moisturiser from Boots seems to have cured the condition.

Paige was desperate for a cure and had taken Evie-Rae to countless appointments with dermatologist’s, who had prescribed antibiotics and steroid creams.

Yet despite the appointments, which were every eight weeks, the eczema continued to flare up in painful rashes around her mouth and on her hands.

Paige Sweeney Facebook

Within a week of buying a bottle of Child’s Farm baby moisturiser from Boots, Evie-Rae’s skin had cleared up.

Speaking to UNILAD Paige said:

Seeing Evie-Rae’s skin finally clear up was incredibly emotional for me, she had been in a lot of pain and after trying so many different products we really thought nothing would make her skin any better.

Since using the moisturiser she is so much happier!

She’s not scratching and she’s sleeping through the night – it’s like she’s a completely different child.

Paige Sweeney Facebook

She continued:

I would advise other parents to be persistent and keep trying until they find something that works for their child’s eczema.

It took me two and a half years and dozens of different products before I found one that cleared Evie- Rae’s skin up.

Since Paige posted the story to Facebook, it has been shared over 40,000 times and as a result, the founder of Child Farm, Joanna Jensen, got in touch and paid Paige and Evie-Rae a visit.

Paige Sweeney Facebook

Paige told UNILAD:

Joanna got in touch this weekend after my story had gone viral.

The company are getting so many calls from people across the world wanting to get hold of the product to try on their children.

She said she’s so grateful that I shared my story and there will definitely be some Child’s Farm coming in the post!

Paige Sweeney Facebook

Speaking of her relief Paige continued:

I’m just pleased that I may have been able to help other parents whose children are suffering, and that I’ve raised awareness of a product that can make a real difference to little ones with sensitive skin.

The NHS state that eczema is usually a long-term condition but it can improve significantly or even clear completely, especially in some children as they get older.