Company Is Looking For Applicants To Drink A Lot Of Whisky

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As far as jobs go, whisky taster has to be up there with the best and you don’t even need prior experience for this one.

Not only that, but you don’t need to quit your nine-to-five because you can fit this in around weekends, which makes it perfect for students, too.


With Scottish whisky celebrated all around the world, stag party experts StagWeb.co.uk are on the lookout for a Whisky Distillery Tester to help them find some of the best days out in Scotland.


The Whisky Distillery Tester will do exactly as the job title suggests, essentially just testing customer experience days at distilleries across Scotland.

*Signs up immediately*


Job specifications:

Part-time position
No experience required
Must be prepared to travel
Must be over 18
Must be partial to a drop of whisky

Interested job-seekers can submit their applications here at StagWeb.co.uk.

Or, if you don’t want to leave your seat and video games are more your thing… there’s a job that actually pays you to play FIFA.


Bidvine is currently recruiting talented FIFA players to sign up as coaches who’ll get paid a minimum of £15 an hour for their work.

EA Sports

The job advert states:

To be eligible to work as a Pro FIFA Coach you must provide proof of your level and ability. You can do this by demonstrating what league you play in yourself – only coaches who play in Division One within Online Seasons and/or FIFA Ultimate Team will be accepted.

To legitimise that your FIFA account is yours, you must submit a photo of your face along with the division you play in in the game, side by side. You will also need to provide a photo ID, have a working PlayStation Four or Xbox One, and a strong wireless connection.


According to the job advert, after the success of the Call of Duty professional player and coach service, Bidvine decided the same idea would work perfectly for FIFA as well.

People can sign up for the service and ask specific questions related to the game, for instance which area they’d like assistance with and areas they’d like to improve in.

EA Sports

As a FIFA coach, your job would be to help them with these requests and also watch matches providing real-time in-play advice to those playing.


The advert explains:

Being a FIFA coach is just like playing the game, except now you’re teaching someone else how to do it!

Obviously, what you’ll be doing within the game depends on what your customer wants, and what they’d like to learn – so you’ll be doing something different every day, whether it’s helping them buy more FUT coins or improving their possession, defence or attack skills.

You could be playing against the customer and helping them improve their game as they play over the headset, or watching them livestream and giving them tips throughout.

If you fancy applying then you can do so through the website and if you get the job, then you’ll be able to set your own prices, which is amazing!

Free whisky though, that’s for me!

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