Corona Girl Reveals Why They Always Look ‘Creepy’ On Camera

by : Francesca Donovan on : 01 Sep 2017 14:13

As the world watched Floyd Mayweather jab his way to an undefeated 50-0 boxing reign by TKO on Saturday in Las Vegas, some felt distracted.

But this time it wasn’t Conor McGregor’s bulge or the image that launched a thousand Titanic memes which were distracting people, as sporting history – and money – was made to the tune of millions.


As streaks of blue and gold, accompanied by blistering white smiles, snuck into the background of our gritty streams, the thirst for cold, sweet Mexican beer gave the game away: The Corona Girls had arrived.

Some thought they were the MVPs. But many keyboard warriors took the time to point out how ‘creepy’ the ladies looked as they hovered behind the main event, and some Internet Detectives accused them of ‘photobombing’ the athletes.

The nameless, voiceless figures of commercialism stood smiling, and yet stoic, in the face of a barrage of abuse from Twitter.


Beware the Internet tirade ahead:


But now, UNILAD has spoken to Corona Girl Devon Stefanow about the truth of the job. The qualified real estate agent and model admitted her colleagues’ presence on camera ‘may look a little funny’.


She was quick to clarify what we all knew to be true – that these women were just doing their job, adding: “It’s so our sponsor, Corona can be seen.”

Taking the varying degrees of sexism in her stride, she said:

I haven’t paid much attention to people’s comments, I’ve seen a much wider positive response than negative. You can’t please everyone.

Excited and lucky to be working the #MayweatherMcgregor fight tonight at @tmobilearena!! ?

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Devon told UNILAD what the job actually requires behind the scenes, recalling:

We will usually start step repeat about 5 or 6 hours before the fight, which entails us taking pictures with fans in front of the backdrop.

Meanwhile, the girls will get rotated in and out of the undercards, and step repeat will end right before the main event. There is definitely a lot of smiling involved and being on your feet all day.

Watch #FigueroavsGuerrero tonight starting at 8 on #Fox! ?

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Devon has been a Corona Girl for years, and told UNILAD she ‘got in through a girlfriend of mine, Kim Wolverton, who also works for Corona.’

She explained the Girls are like a big working family, adding:

We all work together on other jobs on the East Coast, so most of us know each other and are really good friends!

Were so excited for tonight!! #mayweathermcgregor

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So, are there any perks of the job – besides the ringside seats to the richest sporting spectacle in recent times, of course?

The native New Yorker laughed:

I’ve watched boxing with my dad since I was young, so getting the opportunity to ring card has been very cool. I love it, ring carding is super exhilarating! Also I do like Corona… And I’m not just saying that! We aren’t supposed to drink it while we’re working though.

#squadgoals ?

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Although many have enquired, Devon is contractually obliged to keep her payslip a secret. So stop asking.

Devon – a self-confessed dog lover and pasta enthusiast – is currently in the running to become Maxim’s Finest.

What she is not doing, is wasting too much time worrying about Internet haters.

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