Couple Prank Parents With Pregnancy ‘Food Baby’


We all love to have a good joke but there are some people braver than others who take pranking to incredible new levels.

Now, I don’t know about you but as soon as I got into a long-term relationship I was continually asked ‘so when are the kids coming’ as our parents were clearly in a rush to become grandparents.

Repeatedly telling them all to ‘chill out’, sometimes I consider pranking them by pretending I am pregnant as payback for the never-ending questioning.

unilad food baby parents prank photos sheridenUNILAD

Unfortunately I still haven’t found the courage to do so but 23-year-old Sheriden and her boyfriend of two years 22-year-old Andy did.

While we all joke about having food babies, Sheriden and Andy decided to take full advantage of hers on Mother’s Day earlier this year.

She explained to UNILAD how the prank was inspired by her sister:

I’ve always been really skinny and had the ability to poke out my stomach and make it look round. A year ago my sister posted on Snapchat photos as a joke. And she reposted them for Mother’s Day.

I was telling Andy that I could still do that and I was messing around poking it out and rubbing my tummy in the car and he asked to take a picture.

Andy only posted it to Snapchat, with my permission of course, cause I looked pretty plump lol!

It was his idea. He jokes a lot. I wasn’t going to put it on my Snapchat because I didn’t want to be bombarded with congratulations and have to let everyone down.

With him a lot of people were saying congrats but a lot of people were telling him to shut up cause they didn’t believe him.

To be fair to the gullible, Sheriden’s food baby does look like a slight baby bump:

unilad food baby parents prank photos sheridenUNILAD
unilad food baby parents prank photos sheridenUNILAD
unilad food baby parents prank photos sheridenUNILAD

One of the reasons Andy posted the photo to Snapchat was because he knew his dad was guaranteed to see it which of course would lead to hilarity.

Responding rather quickly, Andy’s sister, who was with the couple at the time, received a message from her dad asking ‘was Andy kidding in his Snapchat?’

Clearly Andy’s dad didn’t trust him to tell the truth…

As Sheriden tells us they decided to continue with the joke replying to the text with ‘congrats, you’re going to be a grandpa’.

She added:

When we got the text at first I laughed and planned to keep it going.

He ended up calling her and we were like no, let’s send another picture so she denied his call. Then we got the second text and he called again later on and the two of them were laughing but his dad is scary so I was telling them to tell him because he was for real really mad.

And they were like no, he’s dumb if he believes this. He just saw you yesterday in a crop top. So they kept it going and denied his call.

To be fair Sheriden, they have a good point there.

unilad food baby parents prank photos sheridenUNILAD

When it was clear Andy’s dad was not seeing the funny side to everything sending another message which read ‘r u f***ing serious’, Sheriden knew it was unfortunately time to call it quits.

As she told UNILAD, he wasn’t exactly thrilled:

The whole thing probably went on for a half hour and I was feeling bad because obviously he was upset for that whole time.

Michelle, Andy’s sister, finally answered his call and told him it was fake and he was getting mad at her. She was like why is he getting mad at me it wasn’t even my prank!

His reaction to finding out it was fake was not like ‘ha, ha, very funny’ it was more like ‘that s*** isn’t funny’.

I think he was also mad that he got got.

Well we enjoyed the prank! I would just be worried now he won’t take you seriously if you do fall pregnant!

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