Dad Accidentally ‘Comes Out’ In Family Group Chat

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Group chats can be dangerous as there’s always a chance you’ll say the wrong thing or write something in you shouldn’t have.

Family group chats in particular can be perilous, as one man recently found out when a small typo changed the whole meaning of his message.

The result was hilarious, although poor 62-year-old Zues was left feeling rather red faced by the mistake!

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Every day, the Elbadaoui family from Melbourne, Australia, wish each other good morning in their WhatsApp group chat, often sharing photos of the young nieces and nephews.

While the usual responses are either love heart emojis or kisses, Zues wrote, ‘I love guys’ one morning, complete with a red rose and two love heart emojis.

With the message being seen by his four children and wife, poor Zues was left feeling very embarrassed as he’d missed out the small word ‘you’.

Have a look below:

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His 28-year-old son, Tarek, told UNILAD he burst into laughter when he saw the message:

In our chat we send photos of what we’re doing, like taking the kids to school or breakfast food shots.

Daily, for the past three years, my siblings and parents share good morning messages to each other.

So in typical fashion from a parent with English being the second language, Zues made a hilarious grammatical error that will haunt him for ages. He wrote ‘I love guys’.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading, especially being the gay sibling.I wanted to write back ‘actually dad, I think that’s a message I should be writing’.

I was on the floor laughing so hard and knew I wouldn’t let my dad live this down. It would go down as the top most embarrassing family moment for sure.

Reacting to the message in the group chat Tarek wrote: ‘haha dad, grammar is very important’, a lesson we think Zues will be taking from this experience.

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As the family were left in hysterics, Zues tried to ignore what had happened,  staying out of the group chat for a while.

Tarek had other plans though, telling UNILAD:

Everyone was in hysterics. Zues decided to ignore the message out of sheer shock of his typo mistake being the proud man he is. But oh no I wouldn’t let it slide.

I made sure to point it out and rub it in as much as I could. My mum burst out laughing over the phone with me when I called her and it was the talk of the family the rest of the week.

Definitely screenshotted by all of us in the group and will be shared from time to time to just make him relive it.

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I think from now on poor Zues will be triple checking every message he sends, especially on the group chat!

It doesn’t sound like his family will let him forget this mistake for a while!

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