Dad Builds Treehouse For Cats So They Can Always Be Safe

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The majority of pet owners would do anything for their beloved companions to make their lives more comfortable.

The Brooks-Joiner family though went one step further building a treehouse for their indoor cats so they could safely enjoy the outdoors.

It is seriously incredible and I am desperate now to build one myself for my kitty!

treehouse for catsUNILAD

16-year-old Luna and brother and sister Daisy and Marvel, both four years old, live a very comfortable life at the Brooks-Joiner house in Ontario, Canada.

They however were curious to explore the outside world but due to living near a very busy road, the family were nervous about letting them out.

As 21-year-old Hadley told UNILAD, her father Alex then had a eureka moment and started building a tunnel system and a treehouse which allows the cats to investigate the outdoors safely.

treehouse for catsUNILAD

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Hadley explained why her family decided to build the structure I am sure all indoor cat owners will soon be jealous of.

She said:

My dad fully built it by himself and the short answer as to why is for safety. Both for the safety of our cats and for the safety of the small bird population.

We live in the downtown portion of our city so our road is getting busier every year and there’s lots of creatures like foxes and coyotes that could harm them.

Marvel escaped one night and got into a fight with a neighbourhood outdoor cat and was hurt, so there’s multiple reasons why it isn’t safe for them to be outdoor cats.

Cats are also not a part of the local ecosystem and can truly mess with it when they kill lots of small birds or other small wildlife.

Hadley’s dad Alex started off by building a space for the cats under the house’s decking but quickly began adding to it and adding to it resulting in the magnificent treehouse and tunnel system.

Check out a video of it here:

Luckily Alex’s hard work paid off as the kitties ‘love’ the catio, the name given to outdoor enclosures built for cats.

Hadley told us:

When we first let them into the complete cation, Daisy was pretty nervous but was quick to feel comfortable and now she loves it. They all do, especially Daisy and Marvel.

Both of them are in it at least once a day. We love it too! We think it’s perfect. They’re a part of our family and you always want your family to be safe. The catio ensures that they are safe! It’s also quite amusing to watch them in it.

If the cats did ever need any help while in the catio, Alex made sure they could get to them through various gates.

He now has the idea of expanding it both upwards and towards the house adding another entrance through one of the second floor bedroom windows. Hadley admits she can’t wait!

treehouse for catsUNILAD
treehouse for catsUNILAD

Wanting to share her dad’s amazing creation with the world, Hadley shared images of the treehouse on Reddit and naturally it went viral.

With cat lovers flocking to the post to show it the thumbs up, it has at time of writing (September 10) received over 17,800 upvotes.

treehouse for catsUNILAD

Alex, do you think you could build one for my cat? Pretty please!

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