Dad Gets Impatient Trying To Catch Fish At Live Seafood Restaurant

by : UNILAD on : 30 Aug 2018 15:39

Have you ever been so desperate for your dinner at a restaurant that you just start eating fish from a nearby tank?


18-year-old student Hebe Woon took a video of her dad in a live seafood restaurant in Singapore after he became somewhat impatient.

So he was supposed to be catching his own live seafood for a hotpot, but not exactly the way he went for it. It was a very hands-on approach, to say the least.

Speaking to UNILAD, Hebe explained how the indoor fishing came about:


We went to live seafood hotpot restaurant, so it’s basically where you can catch seafood for your hotpot or steamboat.

We were provided with tongs to catch the prawns and crabs, but it was really difficult to catch the prawns especially because they jump around a lot, so it’s really difficult to grab it, especially with tongs.

So basically my dad just grabbed the prawns with his hands because he gave up using the tongs. Of course after the attempt he went back to using the tongs.

Girl who's dad caught fish with his handsGirl who's dad caught fish with his handsUNILAD

The video shows Hebe’s dad doing his best with the metal tongs before looking around to see who’s watching, and then diving in with his hand.

It’s unclear how successful the hands are, but it looks like he manages to grab a little prawn before going back to the tongs.

Tweet about dad catching seafood with his handsTweet about dad catching seafood with his handsUNILAD

Hebe told us how she felt when she saw her dad reach for the prawns with his hand:

When he put his hand in the fish tank, I was laughing my ass off, and the background of the video is just my whole family laughing.

Hebe posted the video on Twitter captioned, ‘So my fam went to a live seafood steamboat restaurant and we could use tongs to get prawns/crabs but my dad was getting frustrated with the tongs so he just…’, followed by a face-palm emoji.


Talking about the reaction the video received, Hebe said:

I can’t believe the reaction, it’s crazy how things spread so far. Usually I barely get a like on my account and now I’m getting over 3000 retweets.

It’s great that other people are laughing too.

Girl who's dad caught fish with his handsGirl who's dad caught fish with his handsUNILAD

Hebe’s dad is loving the Internet’s reaction too and apparently ‘checks the views everyday’.

She explained:

He thought the views wouldn’t pass 10k and it did, and he was really cute about it. I have a family group chat so I kept sending them updates and all of them were really surprised.

One commenter wrote:

Lmao the way he looked around before he goes in.

Girl whose dad caught fish with his handsGirl whose dad caught fish with his handsUNILAD

I like his style. When it comes to food, there’s no point messing around.

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