Dad Gets Stung By Bee In His Beer

by : UNILAD on : 02 Oct 2018 20:47
dad stung bee beerdad stung bee beerUNILAD

The worst place to get a bee sting has got to be inside your mouth, but it turns out it’s also the best in terms of the comedic value.

Bob Williams from Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada, was just trying to enjoy a nice cold beer in the garden when he realised (too late) he had been sharing his drink with a bee.

The 56-year-old Canadian’s lip had a fairly severe physical reaction to the sting and said it ‘hurt like a b**ch’ but also laughed a lot at how comical the swelling made him look.


Here is some hilarious footage of Bob’s lip:

You can hear Bob’s daughter Becca laughing her head off in the background, which she said she felt slightly guilty for, but her dad quickly reassured her that he’d be doing the same thing if it was the other way around.

One commenter on the photos wrote:


Who needs lip fillers, just get a bee

dad stung bee beerdad stung bee beerUNILAD

Becca, 24, explained how the whole situation played out:

So this all happened on Sunday afternoon, my dad and my fiancée were outside cutting wood for house renovations and drinking a couple beers.

My dad put his beer down outside, came back to it and took a big swig which included a yellow jacket (a bee), and he knew he had been stung on the inner upper lip.

Apparently it hurt like a bi**ch but he kept saying ‘you better take a before picture cause I have a feeling this is going to be funny’, so we took the before pictures, he took a Benadryl and he continued on working.

He has always had a slight reaction to bee stings, but never anything like this before.

Guy before bee sting on lipGuy before bee sting on lipUNILAD

Bob was right and it was definitely worth taking the before photo because his lip didn’t deflate back to a normal size for a couple of days.

Becca said that as time went on, his lip got ‘bigger and more unnatural looking until it looked like it could pop it was so swollen’.

Hilariously, she described him as a ‘real-life Snapchat filter’.


Despite none of his airways being restricted, Bob still decided to get checked out at hospital just in case.

Side angle of dad with bee sting on lip from beerSide angle of dad with bee sting on lip from beerUNILAD

Becca explained what happened at the hospital:

After a dose of epinephrine, being hooked to a heart monitor and IV and waiting for several hours, he was cleared to go home with a prescription for an epi-pen.

Overall, it was a very comedic event. My dad was in good spirits the whole time and quite frankly thought it was just as funny as the rest of us.

When we would say we felt bad for laughing he would say ‘well, if it was you I’d be dying of laughter too’.

dad stung bee beerdad stung bee beerUNILAD

We hope that the joy Bob spread with the photos went some way to balancing the pain of the bee sting.

I’m also going to start checking my beer each time before I take a sip now.

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