Dating Site For Conspiracy Theorists Helps Believers Find Love

by : Francesca Donovan on : 30 Nov 2017 18:51
Jarrod Fidden

These folks might not believe in 9/11 but they do believe in love.

We all have a few ‘non-negotiables’ when looking for the love of our lives; a mate in monogamy, a partner in crime. But while some are searching for someone to make them laugh, and others are just grateful to find any non-f*ckboy, there is one community of young, awake daters trawling the web for a partner in conspiracy.


Not to be confused with a ‘woke’ sense of social justice, those who are awake are more commonly found ‘looking at the root causes of the symptoms of social injustice and aforesaid issues affecting humanity’, Awake Media founder, Jarrod Fidden told UNILAD, adding the community is widely opposed to the term ‘conspiracy theorists’.


Jarrod explained an awakening is to accept ‘inconvenient truths’:

Often people who identify as ‘woke’ become awake through personal research of public record facts, then being able to push past ‘cognitive dissonance’ to ultimately accept a number of inconvenient truths.

Seeing the problems of our world, and knowing things just aren’t right, is often the precursor to researching the reasons why.

Being awake is being knowledgeable about a number of empirical and observational truths not commonly known nor accepted by the majority of the populace.


Jarrod was ‘lucky enough’ to experience his own awakening alongside his wife, when they noticed the ‘chem trails’ above their home in rural Ireland, and embarked on research that led down the rabbit hole.

But he explains the awake community are often shunned socially for their views, and he has made it his mission to ‘help the awake find someone to share life and their inconvenient understandings with’.

Where you wouldn’t discriminate against someone’s background, race or political beliefs, the awake often are subjected to some damning labels, like ‘crazy tin foil hat-wearing bunker-building paranoid nutters’, according to the Fiddens.

Touchstone Pictures

This much-maligned lifestyle choice generally leaves so-called conspiracy theorists pushed to the margins of social interactions.

Admittedly, we who don’t seek the ‘inconvenient truths’ generalise the awake as cynics who can’t let go of their beliefs long enough to enjoy a £4 pint without commenting on the New World Order, 12-foot lizards, and their manipulation of how we spend our money on £4 pints.

It’s something Jordan Moreland, 26-year-old barber and ‘liver of life’, knows only too well, stating he is ‘persecuted’ for ‘reprogramming and not interacting with the norms of society’.

Jordan Moreland

He told UNILAD his awakening allowed him to see ‘things truly as they are, not how we would like to think of them’, adding he began to question the system upon the death of Princess Diana, citing ‘unseen work’ at the hands of ‘global leaders meeting in secrecy and manipulating the world’s super powers’.

Jordan also questions the evidence of the ‘most recent’ 9/11 tragedy, saying he ‘saw an evil face come out of the smoke’ while he watched the planes hit the Twin Towers on the news.

At that moment, Jordan said he experienced his ‘proper realisation that the world is run by Satanists and everything is a synthetic version of God’s design’.


The self-confessed ‘intense hopeless romantic’ joined Awake Dating and said he not only ‘loved the functionality’ but had met some genuine people – as well as a few ‘motherf*ckers’ – and was still in touch with some of the women he’d met.

Jordan, who has only encountered a tiny cross-section of women offline, added:

I can only speak for myself… People want to live in la la land. Folk hate the truth.

Most women I know want to speak of cute cats in sweater or Kim K.

I’m raw and real, so I like transparency and no games.


He explained his previous relationships suffered with a ‘conflict of interests’, recounting a particularly heated encounter with a woman who whose number he asked for when she was working in Nando’s.

Even though the ‘nice girls’ he met on Awake Dating didn’t pursue a romantic relationship, he’s not disheartened and is still on the search for his ‘Mary Magdalene’.

Jordan Moreland

What Jordan dubs ‘the misconception that folk who think outside the box are crazy’ is not unique to his romantic experience.

One woman – with arguably less extreme interests than Moreland – broached the unconventional narrative of her own beliefs on a mainstream dating site and was met with familiar accusations.

This is what she got – and why she ‘gave up’ on mainstream dating:

Awake Dating Media

Okay, so it’s pretty hard for most of us to swallow the idea that 9/11 was an ‘inside job’.

But then again, I once dated a guy who wouldn’t shut up about Madden and I couldn’t hack that either, not when GTA Vice City is obviously the most complete game ever made. Common interests are all relative.

And there was no need for the comment on her ‘pretty face’:

Awake Dating Media

So Jarrod wanted to set up a space for the awake community, and the media company proved such a hit, it branched out into match-making too.

The branding is ‘deliberately tongue-in-cheek and satirical’ – being awake and having a sense of humour are not mututally exclusive, FYI – because ‘if others are going to point the finger at us, may as well get out in front of the pack’, explains Jarrod.

Take the Tin Foil Hat competition, in which many of Awake Dating’s 17,000 members participated:

The awake community, in Jarrod’s opinion, has a wealth of diverse and varied interests, including – but not limited to – Genetically Modified Organisms, The Cancer Conspiracy, natural health alternatives, and so-called mainstream media manipulation.

Other topics up for debate are the ‘illegitimacy of private owned central banks’, renewable energy, geoengineering, extraterrestrials, ‘corporate lies and poison products’, WiFi and cellular phone damage, and earth model theory.

And who could forget UFO and USO contact and communications?


Jarrod continued:

There are many more – our database has hundreds added by our members which can be searched for directly by other members.

If you want to talk to someone about ‘flat earth theory’, ‘the illusion of money’ and ‘vaccine truth’ you can directly search for someone interested in those exact topics.

Dating is hard. It’s a veritable minefield of traps, collusion, red flags and withheld information, a conspiracy the likes of which the Illuminati themselves couldn’t muster.

For some, religious diktats confine people to same-faith relationships. Some Republicans couldn’t imagine dating a Democrat, and vice versa. I couldn’t date someone who exclusively listened to house music and denied the superiority of the guitar as a key component in every and all songs, for example.

Awake Dating is making the no longer necessarily organic process of picking a mate a little easier for their own community of conspiracy savvy young singletons.


Meanwhile, Jarrod is gearing up for world media domination with the launch of a new responsive site, iOS and Android apps ‘with the industry first ability to send real world gifts to another member’, and a marketplace working in cryptocurrency, as well as branching out into broadcasting documentary and comedy television.

… And he promises the NSA won’t get their grubby mitts on your personal details.

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