Dear David Ghost Guy Gets Terrifying Surprise From Hidden Camera


The ongoing saga of a New York artist and his haunted apartment has gotten crazier as footage has now emerged involving his two cats and a possible ghost.

30-year-old Adam Ellis has been telling his story of living with his two cats and a ghost called Dear David, via Twitter, and it’s left plenty of people pretty worried about him.

Now, Adam has posted the newest footage online, involving some rather strange behaviour from his pet cats.


Shortly after the ‘hauntings’ began, Adam told UNILAD:

David started appearing a couple months ago in dreams, but I think he’s starting to cross over into the real world.

I wanted to write everything down just so I have a record of it in case things escalate and get worse.

I’ve never really believed in ghosts, but I never really ruled it out, either. I think there’s a lot we don’t know.

When it first started happening, I told my friends and co-workers about it and they were all really creeped out about it.

They’re always asking me for updates but David seems to appear sporadically.

Here’s his latest thread:

And here’s the footage:

Very, very strange.