Doctor Follows Bloody Footprints Through Shopping Centre And Makes Horrific Discovery

Yasin Fatine/Facebook

A heroic junior doctor rushed to save the lives of two teenagers by following bloody footsteps on the floor of a UK shopping centre.

Doctor Yasin Fatine, who works in Bedfordshire, said he was walking through the The Mall in Luton on Sunday when he saw a policeman running out of Burger King with his meal.

Assuming it was a ‘standard shoplifting’ the policeman had been ‘alerted about’, Yasin continued walking to the car park.

Yasin Fatine

He told UNILAD:

On my walk, I saw a bit of a crowd gathering and a commotion, but didn’t really want to get involved as my parking was running out.

That’s when I saw the long trail – about 100m – of bloodied footprints leading to the scene. That’s when I thought, ‘hmm, I might need to help out?’.

Yasin said he managed to get through the gathering crowd to see what was happening and saw three or four police officers on the floor trying to stop two young men bleeding.

Yasin Fatine

Talking to UNILAD, Yasin said:

Blood was everywhere. One of the boys was bleeding from his forearm and the other from just above his right knee.

I wasn’t too concerned about the arm injury, as he was sitting up and the wound was being dealt with, but the boy with the leg injury was still losing blood and he was becoming very pale and delirious.

Despite the amount of gauze the officers were using, it wasn’t really helping.


Yasin continued:

I suggested we use a tourniquet of some sort to stem the flow a bit higher up his leg and luckily I noticed a belt in the pile of possessions on the floor, otherwise I would’ve offered mine and given it a good wash before putting it back on!

This more or less did the job. He was also complaining he couldn’t breathe, so it was important to make sure he wasn’t stabbed elsewhere, which luckily, he wasn’t.

As soon as the paramedics had arrived, I made sure my help wasn’t further needed and then excused myself before my parking ticket expired.

Yasin Fatine

Yasin had heard a rumour one of the teenagers was dying so contacted a friend who worked in the nearby A&E department.

Telling UNILAD, he said:

My friend said both were fine and were being transferred to the hospital that I coincidentally work at for specialist input.

I met the boy with the arm wound today (January 24) which I’m told was more serious than the leg injury, but definitely didn’t seem like it at the time!

I’m glad they’re doing well, but things could’ve gone wrong very quickly and people need to be more aware of the far-reaching consequences of their decisions.

Yasin Fatine/Facebook

Police said one of the boys remains in hospital under police arrest, while the other, who has appeared at Luton Youth Court, was bailed to attend court again on February 6.

Finally, Yasin told UNILAD:

At a time when the NHS is on its knees through government cuts, we don’t need idiots like this to make things worse.