Dog Could Not Be Happier About Finally Getting To Play In Sheep Wool

by : UNILAD on : 19 Sep 2018 21:14
molly dog sheep woolmolly dog sheep woolUNILAD

Sometimes it is the simplest things in life which bring you the most joy as one happy doggo recently discovered.


While we hoomans count sheep to help send us to sleep, 9-year-old Molly, an adorable Bichon Shitzu from New Zealand, meets them in her dreams fantasising about playing in their shorn wool.

Unfortunately though Molly’s owners were less keen about the idea of her fulfilling her fantasy until one day they just thought, ‘why not’?!

Of course she was over the moon and dived straight into the pile. You can watch adorable footage of Molly living her best life here:


Tilly Merson and her family, who live on an orchard with a handful of sheep, have had Molly since she was a puppy and says she really is ‘obsessed’ with the fluffy farmyard animals.

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Tilly explained how Molly has always been desperate to play with the wool.

She said:

She’s the happiest little ball of fluff and everyone who meets her falls in love with her. She’s almost an old lady but she still look and acts like she’s a few months old.

She LOVES sheep, Molly is obsessed with them. She will run around with them whenever she gets the chance! We have one sheep (called Lamb Lamb) that is more domesticated than the others and Molly is friends with her. Molly loves to clean her ears and lick her legs whenever she can.

Usually we keep her in the house when the sheep are being shorn because she gets in the way of my uncle who shears them.

This time was the last time the sheep were being shorn as we are no longer going to keep them (my dad is getting too old to manage them). So dad decided to finally let her play in the wool as a last ‘hurrah, why not’ sort of thing. It was definitely a ‘one time thing’.

molly dog sheep woolmolly dog sheep woolUNILAD

Molly clearly appreciated the act of kindness with Tilly saying she has never been happier rolling around in the wool.

As Tilly went on to explain, it is no wonder Molly passed out asleep later that day, knackered from all the fun she had.

Tilly added:


I have never ever seen my dog look so oily and smelly in my entire life and I have NEVER seen Molly this happy! You can really see how excited she is.

It was like she was finally living out her lifelong dream. I’ve never seen her just flop on her side from being so content. She was just so happy and it was so lovely to see her like that.

She spent ages in the wool rolling around and just enjoying the time she had. That evening she was fast asleep pretty early, I think all the excitement wore her out!

molly dog sheep woolmolly dog sheep woolUNILAD

Unfortunately for Molly all good things must come to an end and so, following her fun afternoon, she had to face her worst nightmare – the bathtub.

Let’s be honest though, despite how much you hate baths Molly it was certainly worth it!

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