Dog Leaps Out Of Moving Car Window In Terrifying Footage

by : UNILAD on : 21 Jan 2019 18:20
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Terrifying footage shows the moment a dog jumps out of a window of a moving car, which was driving at 50kmph.

21-year-old Yuli Nofar, from Israel, was holding her best friend Shane’s new six-month-old Jack Russell puppy for the very first time.

Shane’s first dog passed away a month ago, so he recently adopted a new puppy who was found homeless on the street, naming her Una.

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Wanting to show Una the neighbourhood, Shane took her out for a ride asking Yuli to hold the pup in the back of the car.

Sitting comfortably on Yuli’s lap, like most dogs Una was clearly fascinated by the world outside, so they wound down the window.

Una was clearly enjoying the fresh air, so Yuli started to film the sweet moment on her phone.

dog jumps out of car windowdog jumps out of car windowUNILAD

Only seconds after Yuli started filming, Una started to lean her head towards the open window, before jumping out of it.

Yuli’s shock is evident in the footage; dropping the phone in a panic, and yelling ‘oh Shane’.

You can watch the footage here:


Thankfully Una is fine, suffering no injuries, not even a scratch, as a result of the incident.

Speaking to UNILAD, Yuli said next time she’ll make sure Una wears a seatbelt:

My friend had only had her for a week. We went out for a ride. We drove pretty fast, but not too fast.

I thought she really enjoyed sitting on my lap, but I guess she saw something outside, so she jumped out with no notice from a driving car. I was sure she got hurt but we stopped the car instantly. My best friend saw her rolling on the road in his mirror.

She rolled on the road and stood up. No cars were around so she didn’t get hurt. She is healthy and crazy. She was perfectly fine with no scratch.

So after the incident, I thought a seatbelt would be a good idea.

dog jumps out windowdog jumps out windowUNILAD

Now, Una always wears a seatbelt whenever she’s in a car, although her cheeky face means it appears she still wants to get up to mischief.

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