Dog Owners Are More Socially Intelligent Than Cat Owners, Reveals Expert

by : UNILAD on : 21 Feb 2018 19:11

Dog owners have an edge over cat owners, and it’s in the realm of social intelligence.


Given how anti-social cats can be, and the ‘man’s best friend’ nature of dogs, it’s not much of a surprise that dog owners are more socially intelligent.

Pups are famously known for being more emotional and attached towards their owners, whilst cats and their owners are known for a slightly more detached relationship.

Steve McKeown, Psychoanalyst, founder of MindFixers and owner of The McKeown Clinic, told UNILAD:


Having a dog as a pet is a very sociable experience which improves a person’s social psychology, given the fact that dogs require exercise and that means getting out. Having dog that is exquisite by nature will not only provoke others to show admiration but it provides an avenue of conversation. Having man or woman’s best friend as a companion can also create impromptu friendships, even relationships.

A British study cited that 5 percent of dog owners have been on a date with someone they met walking their dog, with 1.5 percent still dating that person.

A study by Match.com asked 1210 subscribers about the roles of pet dogs and cats in human courtship and dating, including pet information on their dating profile. 61 per cent of respondents found that dogs were the most common pet listed.

It turns out that dog-bait dating worked much better for men than women though, as is reflected by the massively popular ‘Hot Dudes With Dogs’ Instagram page.

McKeown continued:

A recent study of 600 college students found that dog lovers are more outgoing and lively making them more likely to be socially intelligent and find it easier to form relationships.

Dogs are very time consuming and require much attention, which can only infer that a dog person is far more accommodating which suggests that they would show more commitment within relationships. After all nothing stops a dog owner from the commitment bestowed upon them. It’s unconditional love reciprocated. The more you affection the more you receive.


Are you a cat person or a dog person? It’s a question which has ruined thousands of first dates, sometimes even marriages.

Loyalty to the feline or canine tribe is like a religion you pass on to your kids. God forbid they lose or change their allegiance as they get older.

There is no right or wrong answer, and McKeown has also told us of the superior intellectual curiosity of cat lovers compared to dog owners’ social intelligence.

McKeown told us:

Cat people tend be non-conformist, somebody who stands up for what they believe in despite what anyone thinks, which in many ways, perhaps mirrors the independence for which cats are renowned? Cat people also score higher on intelligence tests and are more educated!

Cat people are more likely to possess university degrees than dog owners. Educated people tend to work longer hours and opt for pets that compliment their personal circumstances and lifestyle.

Cats are more free roaming, will graze on food without demolishing an entire bowl leaving itself without, they even take themselves to the toilet making them overall far more independent.

So if you’re a dog lover, you’re probably more socially skilled than cat owners.

And so the feline vs canine debate goes on.

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