Don’t Go Out And Stock Up, Let The Prosecco Come To You

by : UNILAD on : 03 Aug 2017 15:14

We all know how much people rave on about Prosecco these days, so instead of going out to stock up for an occasion – why not let it come to you?


It was only a matter of time before people started merging business ideas with Prosecco and it’s being done up and down the country at a rapid rate.

Prosecco vans are becoming a regular feature at weddings, birthday parties and business events and it really is quite it’s easy to see why.

Ben Burns, who owns Chin Chin Prosecco Van along with Hayley Nelson, said there are plenty of companies out there but because they tend to have ‘different styles’, they all support each other.


He told UNILAD:

When we first started making plans in November 2016 for our Prosecco van, we had only heard of a couple of others down south but nothing up in the north west where we’re from.

Since launching this year lots of different types of Prosecco vans have been popping up on Instagram, and we’ve started to hear about a lot more up north and also down south. We have even been approached at events by people to tell us they have just started their own Prosecco van.

There are so many different styles, there is something for everyone, and the industry is really supportive and complimentary of each other.

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He added:

Prosecco is the most popular drink out there. A study shows last year Prosecco was the highest selling liquid over water and milk! Crazy.

It’s the must have thing and everyone wants to have the newest and best thing out there, people want their celebration to be remembered!

Prosecco vans are suitable for indoor and outdoor events, rather than searching for a venue with a bar, they can have their celebration / party anywhere and the bar comes to them.

And to make sure everybody is included – not just those 18 and over – Chin Chin has just introduced a mocktail package to get the kids involved, there is beer and lager for the ‘select few’ over 18s who don’t like prosecco.

And it really has become a nationwide phenomenon:


Amen to these!

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