Driver Falsely Accused Of Rape Given Bizarre ‘Reward’ By Uber

by : Francesca Donovan on : 10 Apr 2017 11:28

An Uber driver who was falsely accused of rape by a female passenger has been given a bizarre reward for his calm attitude in the face of her abuse.

After the unidentified female passenger criticised the Uber driver for a lack of iPhone chargers at her disposal, she threatened to accuse him of rape publicly – an act which had the potential to ruin his life.


Now, the driver, who has confirmed his identity with UNILAD,  has made a new video explaining how Uber rewarded his exemplary way of dealing with the ultimate nightmare passenger… With a lifetime supply of phone chargers.

You can watch his response to the ‘reward’ below:

In the video, the driver explains:


I bet I will never have a problem for not having a charger anymore. You can see over here – all kinds of chargers, man… iPhone, Samsung, auxiliary cords, everything.

I just came from the Uber office right now because I had to go there to explain what happened. I went there and [as] soon as I give them the information and show them the video, the lady told me they was looking for me because they saw the video and they was kind of devastated.


Although the ‘reward’ is a little glib in the face of what could’ve been a terribly damaging incident with a customer, it does seem Uber is taking the plight of this driver seriously.

He continued:


The manager saw the video, his manager saw the video, the boss all the way to the top – chiefs – all saw the video and was kind of speechless about it.


According to the driver’s claims, allegations like these are common, adding:

She also say, these kind of allegations happens often, you know, where riders accuse drivers of doing stuff and guess what?

The drivers get prison time, some of them get banned for life from being an Uber driver just because they didn’t record it.

She said this video will really change the way they work things out when this kind of problem happens.

Francesca Donovan

The driver also has a message for his colleagues and fellow drivers:

I got a message for every single Uber driver out there: You better invest in a fucking dashcam.

Because being an Uber driver is putting your life in jeopardy if you don’t have a… dashcam. Make sure you buy a dashcam, bro. It could save your life. It saved my life.

UNILAD has contacted the driver for further comment. Meanwhile, the woman has been banned from using Uber for life.

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