Drunk Woman Steals Plant Pot From Pub, Pub Launch Appeal To Get It Back

Drunk Woman Steals Plant Pot From Pub, Pub Launch FB Appeal To Get It BackUNILAD

Nothing says a good night out like the piece of public property you stole, which has now taken pride of place in the middle of your bedroom floor.

Geordie lass Elise, 28, didn’t go for the classic traffic cone or beer glass, but an entire potted plant, complete with purple tulips and soil.

Usually you get away with these petty drunken thefts unharmed and with little memory of how they happened, but Elise was caught on camera by the Newcastle pub, and they put out a call on their Facebook page for the plant to be returned.

Drunk Woman Steals Plant Pot From Pub, Pub Launch FB Appeal To Get It BackUNILAD

Speaking to UNILAD, Elise’s sister, Lauren, said:

My sister was out with her friends and got drunk, she stupidly left the pub with a huge plant pot and it was on camera, the pub then appealed the next day to get the plant back and my sister seen the post so she sent it back with a sorry note and a funny message written in the note. [sic]

The pub then thanked her on their Facebook page for returning the plant unharmed. I just found it hilarious as did her friends and mine.

After she stole the plant she went into town and her friend ‘baby sat’ it for her and she picked it up the next day from his work.

The pub then put a thank you message on Facebook as my sister sent the plant back in a taxi with a sorry note so the delivery was anonymous.


The Brandling Arms initially posted on their Facebook:

Sad times ladies & gentleman! A lady decided to steal one of our beautiful plant pots as she left last night!

The garden has been lovingly nurtured by one of our own who has spent many hours pruning and planting to make the place look as lovely as possible for our summer months!

We do have the incident on camera, but we were hoping the lady in question might return it with no questions asked. So please share, so we can be reunited with our beautiful tulips.


Elise’s sober mind couldn’t have something like this on her conscience, so she took the plant back – after a drunk selfie with said plant, of course.

As for her reaction to the situation, after some initial embarrassment, Lauren said:

She just laughs it off, she’s a very funny person she’s always winding people up and doing silly things but this tops the list.

Lauren posted the photos to Twitter with the caption: ‘My sister stole a big plant from a pub on Saturday and they put an appeal on fb to get it back’. Her tweet received 54 retweets and 326 likes.


It’s safe to say, despite any ‘hangxiety’ the next day, Elise had a good sense of humour and included a couple of puns in her anonymous note saying she ‘lost the plot’ and was ‘soiled’ when she saw their Facebook post.

The pub were very pleased to have their tulips back, writing:

WE DID IT!!! Thank you so much everybody for sharing, hand delivered by Newcastle Taxis!! Faith restored.

No plants were harmed in the making of this story.

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